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  • STX Impact Lacrosse Arm Guards - Make an impact instead of feeling it

    STX Impact Lacrosse Arm Guards
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    STX have released the Impact series comprising of shoulder pads, arm pads, gloves and arm guards. This series boasts of some of the lightest gear in the game combined with a low profile design. Importantly as well, the series comes with a very good amount of protection. These three features combined make this series a great option for junior players.

  • Brine Uprising 2 Lacrosse Arm Pads

    Brine Uprising 2 Lacrosse Arm Pads

    The Brine Uprising 2 lacrosse arm pads have a new sharp look and design. They give you great performance, function and a whole lot of fight. They have Dual Density foams with an internal cap system that delivers great protection to new players who need it while they learn to catch and throw. They also have multiple breaks and true vents throughout the backhand and fingers that provide superior flexibility and ventilation.

  • Brine Triumph 2 Lacrosse Arm Pads

    Brine Triumph 2 Lacrosse Arm Pads

    The new Brine Triumph 2 lacrosse arm pads offer breathable protection that will not hinder your performance. The "Aero Shield" is strategically placed for added protection where you need it most. It has a "Ventilator Chill" mesh sleeve that keeps you cool and the pad in place on your arm for a comfortable fit. On the interior, the "No-Slip-Gel" helps to keep the pads in place so that you can set them and forget them!

  • Brine Triumph 2 Lacrosse Arm Guards

    Brine Triumph 2 Lacrosse Arm Guards

    The Brine Triumph 2 arm guards are built to protect against hard checks. With its larger 2-piece construction and an ABS hard cap, it provides an excellent amount of protection. It also has HD compression molding that provides lightweight protection. Air vents are placed throughout for added breathability and weight reduction. You also have color options to choose from.

  • STX Cell X Lacrosse Bicep Pads - Subtle but necessary

    STX Cell X Lacrosse Bicep Pads -
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    Box lacrosse players sit up and take note. STX have released a range specifically for you, called the "Cell X". The bicep pads are one of four new items released in this range. The other three being rib pads, shoulder pads and arm guards.

    It's really quite amazing that it's taken this long for a brand to go all out and produce a box lacrosse line of protection. Especially when the biggest professional league is a box league. We have seen an emergence of box specific equipment, like the STX Katana box shaft, of late and it's nice to know that the box players are being loved.

  • Warrior Burn Lacrosse Elbow Pads

    Warrior Burn Lacrosse Elbow Pads -

    Cutting out all the excess you get with arm pads, Warrior lacrosse have release the Burn elbow guards. They have been designed specifically for those looking for localised protection over their elbow without restrictions on their elbow flex or general arm movement. This, combined with the low profile design you get from elbow pads, makes them a great option for defenders.

  • Warrior Burn Lacrosse Arm Guards

    Warrior Burn Lacrosse Arm Guards -

    Touted at the next generation of the MPG, the Burn lacrosse arm guards have been reelase by Warrior. Designed with the traditional 3 piece layout, they boast all the features you'd expect from quality protection. The independent segments are well designed and provide great protection without inpeding your movement. The internal sleeve runs the full length of the arm guard which gives you a very comfortable and consistent feel while they're on.

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