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Maverik Mayback Deuce Lacrosse Gloves
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Maverik has proved themselves once again with the creation of the Maverik Maybach Deuce lacrosse gloves. The Maybach gloves raise the bar to a whole new level of protection and comfort with many new technological advancements like nanofeel which helps reduce the amount of useless padding to lighten the weight of the gloves while still providing unbeatable protection.

Maverik has put the control of the game in your hands. With their impressive new innovations, Maverik has created a glove that can take your game to the next level. With top notch comfort and protection, expert lacrosse players rave about the Maverik Maybach’s.


Protection of your hands is key in the game of lacrosse. With the tapered finger gussets, the Maybach gloves keep your fingers in line with the padding. This allows for full protection from defensive checks. No defender will be able to harass your hands while you’re driving to the cage.

Sharkgel is filled in by the thumb area to absorb impact from lacrosse checks aimed at your hands. The cuff is elongated and designed with three layers of padding to protect your wrists.

Every Lacrosse player knows that when a check makes it through the padding and hits your fingers or wrists, it can be painful and dangerous to your gameplay. With all of the Maybach’s protective qualities you won’t have this problem.


Compact, lightweight design gives the Maverik Maybach’s the ultimate comfort feel that all lacrosse players look for in a glove. Maverik has added a seamless palm design so that you get the ultimate feel against your lacrosse shaft.

Every lacrosse player wants to be able to maneuver their lacrosse shaft easily to their liking. With the Maverik Maybachs, you will have no problem being the game changer that makes a difference on the field.


Fitment of a lacrosse glove is key. You never want a glove sliding off your hand in the middle of the game. Gloves with cuffs are usually an easy way to solve this.

The Maybach gloves provide a cuff that is strong and adjustable by a strap so that you may customize the fit to meet your demands. The Maybach gloves are designed with new Dillo flex technology which provides the flexibility that lacrosse gloves need. The Dillo flex technology allows the cuff to bend with your wrists providing ultimate flex without sacrificing any protection.


The seamless palm design creates a close feel to the lacrosse shaft that can’t be beat. With this new innovation, Maverik has created amazing feel while also improving durability of the palm.

Without the seams, you have up close feel to the shaft without any bumps or interruptions on the palm. Switching hands, shooting and cradling will be as easy as ever with the ingenuity that Maverik has provided. 

Wear and Tear

You don’t want a glove that is not going to last you the whole season. The Maybach gloves can provide the durability of a glove that can last the whole season without showing any sign of ripping or tearing. The seamless palm design also provides extra durability because usually the seams in a glove are the first thing to go.


The Maverik Maybach glove provide the best of both worlds, comfort and protection. The innovations that Maverik has put into this glove gives players the opportunity to feel more confident with your game.

Comfort, durability, and protection are three important qualities that every lacrosse player wants in a lacrosse glove, all of which the Maverik Maybach possesses. Maverik has given the lacrosse community a glove that can take your game to the next level. You will be making game changing plays in no time with the help of the Maverik Maybach’s.



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