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Warrior Hundy Lacrosse Gloves
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The Warrior Hundy lacrosse gloves are striking and elegant looking gloves with very vibrant colors. I like how the pads are designed in the form of the Warrior logo and the large circular W further enhances their appeal. But the reality is that looks are no indication of performance.

The name is also a bit distracting. I mean, what if someone wants to sell them for more than a hundred bucks? How does that work? I have no insight into what Warrior was thinking, but none of that matters either. If you want protection, if you want comfort, if you want affordability, if you want smart design, you want the Hundy's.


The Warrior Hundy lacrosse gloves feel very comfortable. The fit was not tight, but firm enough so they didn't feel like they were ever going to slip off. The cuff and general hand areas felt great and the palms, thanks to the calfskin, felt smooth and supple. The finger slots have a nice contour with just enough wiggle room for your fingers.

The length of the finger slots are a little odd. The length of the ring finger and middle finger slots are about the same and the index finger slot is quite a bit shorter. On most people’s hands, the ring and index fingers are about the same length with their middle finger longer. I found my middle finger was pushing right against the top of the slot for most of the testing. It didn't really impact on the gloves performance, but it still begs the question why Warrior has designed them like this.

The thumb slots felt great. They feature 6 individual pads along the back which are perfectly placed to allow your thumb to move with ease.

The ventilation of the gloves is a tale of two cities. The ventilation on the palm is great. It has three triangular mesh vents at the base of the fingers and a larger one at the base of the thumb. The finger slots have some small holes and the mesh on the side provides good airflow. But when you turn them over, there's hardly anything. There are two vents on the back of the hand, but that's it.

It didn’t take long for my hands to heat up while playing wall ball. The really need to either have larger or additional mesh vents to get the air flowing.


Warrior Hundy Lacrosse Gloves - Your wrist is well protected.Warrior Hundy Lacrosse Gloves - Your wrist is well protected by the glove and the internal wrist guard.

Gee, I could write a book about how good the protection is with the Warrior Hundy lacrosse gloves. Let's start with the wrist protection.

The back of your wrist is well protected by three main guards. Additionally, beneath these is an additional guard which wraps around your wrist. It's firmly attached to the glove with large strips of elastic so it's there to stay. The main guards are incredibly firm and protect well. When your wrist flexes, the three main guards lift up, bringing the additional guard into play. No matter which direction you flex your wrist, this guard stays in place. It's so painful getting hit on the wrist and the short gloves these days don't help with this. But these guards, especially the internal one, go a long way in protecting you.

The cuff is large, firm and perfectly placed to allow your wrist to fully flex.

The padding on the back of your hand is what I feel makes these gloves. It is as hard as a rock! Each block has a hard plastic tab fitted just beneath the leather which disperses the impact of checks across the whole pad. The basic science is that if you spread the impact of a force over a larger surface area, you reduce the impact of the force over the point of contact.

Warrior Hundy Lacrosse Gloves - Each finger slot has tabs for more protection.Warrior Hundy Lacrosse Gloves - Each finger slot has tabs inserted just under the leather adding further protection.

Warrior didn't stop there. The hard plastic tabs are inserted in the two pads over the knuckles and extend all the way to the end of the finger slots. This is some of the best protection you can get.

There's no specific pad for the side of the little finger, but you don't really need one. The main pad on top is large enough to cover the area. Additionally the design of the slot keeps your finger beneath the pad.

There's three small gel-like spongy tabs on the side of your index finger. I'm not sure how much protection they offer, but it's something at least. You can't have large pads in this area because they'll get in the way when you pass or shoot. It's a difficult area to protect.

The thumb pads also have plastic tabs on the four main pads, where you need it most. The fifth pad and the one over the webbing, while not featuring the plastic tab, are smartly designed to provide protection while not interfering with your stick control.


Before I grabbed my stick, I thought the palms were too tick. But I was wrong. You get a good feel of your shaft. The grip is consistent along the area where your shaft sits. Warrior has ticked this box.

General Wear and Tear

Warrior Hundy Lacrosse Gloves - The internal padding folded out for drying.Warrior Hundy Lacrosse Gloves - You can see the internal padding folded out, ready for drying.

Warrior has added a couple of small features to the Hundy lacrosse gloves that impress me. Firstly there's a little fabric loop so you can hang your gloves to dry. Most of us use the shoe laces over the wrist, but this closes the cuffs and prevents proper air flow. Hanging them by the loop keeps the palm open and allows it to properly dry.

The other feature is that the internal lining within the glove can be turned out to dry. This is a fantastic idea, especially for the Hundy as your hands do get hot. The lining is fastened within the glove by small velcro sections. The lining easily folds out to prepare them for drying.  And when you're ready to use them again it easily folds back into place.

The exterior is made from nylon and polyurethane leather which are both long lasting materials. The whole glove is assembled well with no loose threads. The stitching for the palm mesh inserts are sewn in well away from the edge of the fabric reducing the chance of a tear.


These gloves aren't intended for top level players, but I can't see why. The Warrior Hundy lacrosse gloves feature superior protection, smart ventilation, great palms and a host of other features to ensure they continually perform even for the toughest competitor. While there are a couple of things that Warrior could improve on, you'd be hard-pressed to find fault with these gloves.



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