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STX Super Power Lacrosse Head
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LGR Review - An all round super performer

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Sitting near the top of the stack is the STX Super Power lacrosse head. This lacrosse head weighs 4.5ox / 120g which is on the very light side of the scale. It is surprisingly stiff given its weight, yet flexes nicely when you shoot. The head is also NFHS & NCAA compliant.


STX promote this head as "allowing for extra flex when shooting, providing max power & snap" which reminds me of something else. The scoop is flat and thin and makes it easy to get under the ball to pick it up. It also increases the angle at which you can pick the ball up. The tip of the head does have a slightly accentuated curve which makes it a little less forgiving if you are slightly off centre when picking up a ground ball. It does however assist in stringing a channel in your pocket.

The head is constructed with a reinforced scoop and STX have managed to do this without adding any bulk or making the scoop fatter.


With 15 string holes in each sidewall, you can string any pocket you wish. For those of you who like to experiment you will love this. But if you like to stick to a formula or you’re not that adventurous, the extra consideration to which hole to use may be a problem.

The holes are reinforced, aren't tight and the edges are nicely rounded so your sidewall strings won't wear out as fast. The reinforcement works to negate any weakening that you may get from the extra holes.

The stringing holes are off the main support line of the sidewall, so any split looks like it won't affect the integrity of the head. And in the unlikely event that one did break, there are 14 others to choose from. We're unsure how you'd split one anyway, maybe continued blows in the same place, which seems highly improbable.

The STX Forward Cant gives a nice forward lean half way up the sidewalls which assists in keeping the ball in and increases speed shot. With the added flex, you'll feel some whip when shooting. You may also feel a slight flex when catching a hard pass.


At first look, the throat appears quite narrow. With the sidewalls extending up from the neck in parallel and not initially diverging, it can give the impression that the head is more pinched. But it complies with the 3.5in minimum width requirement of the NCAA.


If you like a stiff head then you've come to the right place. The sidewalls elegantly taper into the solid neck. It features 4 holes at the bottom, unlike the STX Proton Power which has 2.

The new style, shock absorbing ball stop aides ever so slightly with ground balls. Unlike other lacrosse heads, the ball stop does extend slightly from the neck. This leaves a small space for the ball to sit behind in you string your pocket low.

Warp factor

All lacrosse heads will warp over time and some more than others. But the STX Super Proton with its reinforced sidewalls should fare better than most. Compared to the STX Proton Power you should get less warping. It's easily bent back into shape when new, but how that affects the head over time we'll have to see.

STX have recently developed the All Climate Performance (ACP) which helps the head maintain its shape in hot or cold conditions. Unfortunately it is not a feature of this lacrosse head.

Shaft fit

Fitting this lacrosse head on a shaft is a bit of a mission. No need for tape for this head, it is tight! It may take a bit of force to fit this lacrosse head to your shaft but when it's on, it's on. But it's worth it, the last thing you want is a loose head.


With its overall extra strength, good flex when shooting and ground ball friendly scoop, the STX Super Power is highly recommended for midfield players. Because the head is NFHS compliant it includes the extra 1/2 inch width across the top. If you're an out and out attacker, other lacrosse heads may be a better option.

You can use this head for faceoff, but with the sidewall curve it's not specifically designed for it. Depending on the thickness of your sidewall strings and mesh, the ball may get stuck in the throat during face off. One to watch out for.

It's not bad lacrosse head for a more attacking type of long stick midfielder. But if you're a straight defender moving up, you'd be do better choosing a lacrosse head for defence first. When fitted to a defence shaft, the head does flex a bit when passing and this may be off putting. If you've not played defence with a pinched head, you may want to first try one before you purchase one.


The STX Super Power is one of the best lacrosse heads that STX have produced. It has struck a nice balance between weight, flex, strength and durability giving it broad appeal. While it's not specifically designed as an attacking head, it's nevertheless great for shooting. Its groundball efficiency makes it a must for midfielders.


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User Reviews

Avg User Rating:
of 3 reviews
  • review posted 1 year 37 weeks ago by gary murphy
    easy to string, good alround head
    went flexible, warped a bit
    Our face off has alredy warped two of these, but another guy who has one who doesn't take face, his is ok. If you take face off you will warp it. nuff said. If you're facing off, try a stallion.

    I don't tke faceoff and the only problem is that it now quite flexible and now warped. I've had it for 3 seasons. I'd say this would be good for defence if you don't poke too much, the flex doesn't help. It's not too pinched as well.
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  • review posted 1 year 36 weeks ago by lloyd wood
    less pinch than PP, druable, good for f/o
    stiffer than PP
    I have used the Super and the Proton. My proton gives amuch harder shot, but the super gives better middie performance. The Super Power is more durable and little less pinched.

    I'm into my second season with my Super Power and I've taken face-offs and all that, and it hasnt snapped, cracked or warped. You can bake it to make it softer for faceoff but I didn't need to. This head is the Baws, I totally recommend it.
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