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Latest Lacrosse Gear Reviews - Helmets

  • Cascade R Lacrosse Helmet - Outstanding protection and performance

    Cascade R Lacrosse Helmet
    LGR Rating:

    The Cascade R lacrosse helmet is in a league of its own. Using some of the most advanced technology, this helmet combines strength, power, and safety into one powerful tool at your disposal.

    Finding a helmet that doesn’t sacrifice safety for lighter weight is hard to find, but this helmet won’t let you down. It sets a new standard for both safety and strength.

    This helmet also gives you the ability to adjust on the fly so you can quickly adjust and get back to playing.

  • Warrior T2 Lacrosse Helmet - Super lightweight and outstanding protection in one

    Warrior T2 Lacrosse Helmet
    LGR Rating:

    When it comes to gear, you know an uncomfortable helmet can be the worst. Some of them are too bulky, too heavy, or cover up too much of your vision.

    Warrior made sure to provide safety, lightweight and open visibility with their TII helmet. At a stunning 2 lbs, it is one of the lightest helmets in the industry.

    As you know, speed is a huge component of your game so keeping the weight on your gear low can make you even faster. There’s a reason that both Princeton and Duke both wear this helmet.

  • Cascade CPX-R Lacrosse Helmet - Light and top of the line

    Cascade CPX-R Lacrosse Helmet
    LGR Rating:

    There is a reason Cornell uses the Cascade CPX-R helmet: It's the top of the line.

    As a lacrosse player, choosing gear that won’t let you down in the critical moments is a huge priority. You don’t want to worry about your head safety in the middle of a critical play.

    Finding an elite helmet that also adjusts down for smaller heads isn’t always easy. The CPX-R is one of the few helmets on the market that has this capability due to the SPR adjustable strap in the back of the helmet.

    Combining some of the best technology, breathability, and comfort, the CPX-R helmet lives up to its reputation as one of the best.

  • Cascade CS Youth Lacrosse Helmet

    Cascade CS Youth Lacrosse Helmet

    Cascade’s finest youth helmet is finally on the market. The Cascade CS Youth helmet is specifically designed for players under 12 whoh are looking to elevate their game to the next level. It features an ultra light monocoque shell to protect kids from high-impact collisions.

  • Brine STR Lacrosse Helmet - Incredibly well rounded

    Brine STR Lacrosse Helmet
    LGR Rating:

    If you’re just starting out at lacrosse, the Brine STR lacrosse helmet will cover all of your bases. Using the traditional look of their top of the line helmets, they created this option for any player who wants a great starting helmet.

    Using a strong memory foam comfort liner, adjustable sizing, and strength throughout the whole piece, the Brine STR lacrosse helmet makes a great choice.

    Any player who wants a comfortable helmet while also exceeding safety expectations won’t be disappointed with the STR.

    This helmet also has almost unlimited color combination options to make a helmet that truly fits you.

  • Cascade Pro7 Lacrosse Helmet - Your head will thank you.

    Cascade Pro7 Lacrosse Helmet
    LGR Rating:
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    Next to your stick, your helmet is a huge factor in your ability to perform at your best. Having a helmet that weighs you down or doesn’t protect your head from a collision can make or break your lacrosse season.

    The Cascade Pro7 helmet has combined reliability, technology, and lightweight design making this a top performer. This helmet has been said to be one of the safest helmets available with a number of great features.

    Used by some of the top collegiate programs, as well as being the official helmet of Major League Lacrosse, it would be a great addition to your kit.

  • Cascade CPV-R Lacrosse Helmet

    Cascade CPV-R Lacrosse Helmet

    The Cascade CPV-R lacrosse helmet is the newest in adjustable youth protection. The R technology embodies all the features and style of the CPX-R and the best selling CPV combined. The CPV-R marks the most advance impact management system ever created for a youth helmet by Cascade. The CPV-R becomes the first helmet in the R-Series to offer with an EPP liner system for elite level protection and superior comfort. The 4th quarter will feel as comfortable as warm-ups.

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