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  • Warrior Evo Hitlyte Lacrosse Shoulder Pads

    Warrior Evo Hitlyte Lacrosse Shoulder Pads
    LGR Rating:

    For players looking for a combination of protection and flexibility, the perfect choice can be found in the Warrior Evo Hitlyte Shoulder Pads.

    This piece of equipment combines extremely protective material with an ingenious array of padding placement. Together, the pads are able to create a system capable of flexing and moving with your body, allowing you to be comfortable.

    On top of that the Two-Timer strap system utilized by the pads gives an easily adjustable and consistently secure grasp to your body.

    Any lacrosse athlete can understand the various ways our bodies contort and move while performing. One of the more annoying drawbacks of our padding can be the feeling of a restricted range of motion.

    If you're not comfortable in your gear, you're not going to be competing as well as you can, it's as simple as that. However, this issue was addressed and solved completely with the Warrior Evo Hitlyte Shoulder Pads.

  • Brine King 5 Mid Lacrosse Shoulder Pads

    Brine King 5 Mid Lacrosse Shoulder Pads
    LGR Rating:

    The Brine King 5 Mid shoulder pads are a new pair of elite pads that have been designed to satisfy your needs of comfort while still providing great protection. These pads are all out built for performance, from the flexible padding, to their lightweight construction, and even their ability to stay dry and cool.

    Anything you're going to want out of shoulder pads, you're going to find it here. These are meant for the highest levels play, and functions as such.

  • STX Stallion 500 Lacrosse Shaft

    STX Stallion 500 Lacrosse Shaft
    LGR Rating:

    STX's line of Stallion equipment is designed for elite players seeking the best performance out of their gear. With the STX Stallion 500 shaft, this attribute is easily identifiable.

    Being constructed out of STX's highly engineered carbon composite, the shaft offers an incredibly high-strength design while also being very lightweight, and a little flexible. These traits all combined essentially create the perfect lacrosse shaft.

    If you're really looking to up your game, you really can't go wrong with getting this shaft.

  • STX Stallion Sc-Ti OCS Lacrosse Shaft

    STX Stallion Sc-Ti OCS Lacrosse Shaft
    LGR Rating:

    The STX Stallion Sc-Ti OCS is an extremely well developed shaft. STX have integrated new technology and several unique methods to create an in-demand and advanced piece of equipment.

    The new Sc-Ti OCS is an updated version of the STX Stallion SC, and has managed to maintain the same strength of its predecessor while also being made lighter.

    On top of all this, STX has addressed other concerns that have made the shaft more player friendly. The shaft has been given a sandblast finish so you don't need to worry about having to compensate your grip with extra tape.

    Also included is STX's patent pending Shaft Lock technology, assuring the shaft gets a secure fit to the head.

  • STX Cell 3 Lacrosse Shoulder Pads

    STX Cell 3 Lacrosse Shoulder Pads
    LGR Rating:

    The STX Cell 3 shoulder pads are brand new and completely re-engineered with you in mind. Incorporating STX's new Geo-flex technology, the Cell 3 shoulder pads create a comfortable, protective and flexible environment for your body to perform in.

    This new shoulder pad has absolutely no restrictions to your capabilities on the field!

  • Warrior Rabil 2 Lacrosse Head

    Warrior Rabil 2 Lacrosse Head
    LGR Rating:

    NLL and MLL athlete Paul Rabil has worked with Warrior once again to produce the Warrior Rabil 2 Head.

    Being based off of the design of the original Warrior Rabil head, the Rabil 2 has been updated to be a sleeker and lighter, yet stiffer and more powerful offensive weapon.

    Having been designed by one of the best all-around lacrosse players, the Rabil 2 head is purposed for advanced play.

    Everything you're going to want out of an offensive head, you're going to find it with this one. There won't be a need to worry about it breaking down or having weak points.

    The original Rabil head used a two-shot molding process, but the Rabil 2 utilizes a one shot mold. This means the head is made out of only one piece, and less pieces equals greater strength.

  • Maverik M3 Lacrosse Gloves

    Maverik M3 Lacrosse Gloves
    LGR Rating:

    Being the 3rd addition to the Maverik Maybach family of gloves, the Maverik M3 is a premium glove that is focused on practicality. With this glove, Maverik really thought about your personal needs.

    We've all been there, after a while our gear, especially the ones we are wearing close to our body start to get smelly, crusty, and just more of a bother to have to wear. Aside from our stick, our gloves are what we're going to be really dealing with the most. Even in backyard sessions of catch or wall ball, some players do wear them.

    So what you're really going to want out of your gloves is to be wearable at all times. You want it to be resistant to accumulating heat, sweat, and smells over a long period of time.

    The M3 gloves are able to tackle these problems with their selection of materials.

  • Brine King 5 Lacrosse Gloves

    Brine King 5 Lacrosse Gloves
    LGR Rating:

    Being the newest generation in Brine's King glove line, the Bring King 5 gloves are made with the best available technology to create a highly protective and usable piece of equipment.

    The gloves have taken the best features from the previous gloves in the King series, and have been updated to include a variety of features that further increase the gloves' impact resistance, ventilation, and flexibility.

    These are for sure a premium pair of gloves that will dominate at any level of play.

  • Warrior Regulator Lacrosse Arm Guards

    Warrior Regulator Lacrosse Arm Guards
    LGR Rating:

    When it comes to arm guards, you want to get the right combination of protection and comfort.

    It's very likely that no matter where you're playing on the field, if you have the ball, you're going to get slashed. It's also likely that a mismatched pair of arm guards will hinder your ability to carry the ball down the field.

    So really you want a pair of arm guards that takes care of all your needs, they absolutely need to be multi-purpose. The Warrior Regulator arm guards take care of these needs completely.

    The well segmented pads on the guards gives you a large area of protective coverage, without compromising flexibility. There aren't any large stiff sections of padding that're going to feel clunky; it's going to be an even fluid feel. You'll be both comfortable and protected in these arm guards.

  • STX Cell 3 Lacrosse Gloves

    STX Cell 3 Lacrosse Gloves
    LGR Rating:

    The most important aspect a brand can offer when it comes to lacrosse gloves is protection. The Cell 3 gloves Dual-density foam strategically places protection in the areas that are important to your hands. After all, for us lacrosse players, our hands are everything to us.

    Along with protecting your hands from defender's checks, the Cell 3 gloves allow incredible flexibility. One of the toughest areas on a lacrosse glove to provide range of motion is the thumb. The Cell 3 gloves provide new "Stretch-thumb" technology that increases the flexibility and rotation of the thumb.

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