Brine King IV Lacrosse Arm Guards

Brine King IV Lacrosse Arm Guards
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As a Lacrosse player, you know that the protection and fit are two valuable aspects when purchasing an arm guard. Although it is very rare for arm guards to provide both of these, the Brine King IV arm guards are as close to perfect as it gets.

The new 4 piece technology provides the ultimate protection all around while giving you an incredible fit. The padding on the King 4 arm guards are incredibly lightweight due to their hollow inside, but they also have tough, rigid edges so they don’t sacrifice protection to your arm.

The arm guards are a perfect choice for midfielders who are looking for a little more protection than the normal arm pad would give. A lot of your game as a midfielder is picking up groundballs in a scrum or running the ball down the field to your attack while taking constant checks to the arm.

There is essentially no room for arm guards that will slip down your arm while running and leave your arm out in the open to check. With the King 4’s capability to conform to your arm and act as a shield against defensive checks, these arm guards provide the best option for a run and gun midfielder.


The comfort of the Brine King IV arm guards is outstanding. The four piece anatomically positioned pads give you the best fit on your arm. Also, every lacrosse player knows that the worst part about an arm guard is when it slips down your arm in the middle of the game. The King IV arm guards contour mesh sleeve technology help shape the guard to the contours of your own arm providing a form fit preventing any slippage from occurring.

The advanced technology of the additional two-piece ventilator in the King IV arm guards provide the best mobility and flexibility that you would want while dodging against defenders and scoring goals.


These arm guards have the ability to protect against every check directed on the pad. The 4 piece padding gives the ability to protect against checks while keeping the mobility and lightweight feel that ever player desires.

The hard ABS cap on the elbow is extremely important in keeping your arms injury free during gameplay. The padding is hollowed out in the middle to support lightweight feel but are hard and rigid toward the edges in order to provide ultimate sustainability in hard checks when you’re going for a ground ball or dodging a defender to get to the cage.

The straps on the arm guards have more capabilities to adapt to the fitting you and staying tight to your arm in the long run. No other arm guard provides the ability to conform to your arm and provide the protection that the Brine King IV’s do.


The Brine King IV Arm Guards have technology purposed towards fitting to your arm. The contour mesh sleeve adapts to your arm and keeps the slippage to a minimum. With 4 pieces that are anatomically designed to fit to your arm, these arm guards have a feel that is preferred amongst all players in Lacrosse. No longer do you have to suffer from your arm guards slipping down your arm.

Reduce the bumps and bruises on your arms by purchasing the Brine King 4’s which provide maximum protection, while still maintaining flexibility and comfort.


Brine has created yet another masterpiece. These arm guards will have a huge impact on your gameplay. Their protection combined with their ability to fit on your arm and not slide down can help you conquer the playing field fearlessly without any fear of getting beat up by defensive checks. These arm guards are perfect for anyone looking for a little extra protection without sacrificing mobility.



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