STX Cell 3 Lacrosse Arm Guards

STX Cell 3 Lacrosse Arm Guards
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The STX Cell 3 Arm Guards will perform to the highest of standards and are top of the line when you are looking for protective, lightweight and flexible arm pads.

STX has created an arm guard to solve all issues that previous arm pads have run in to. There is nothing more irritating then having to worry about your gear in the middle of a game.

The Cell 3 Arm Guards are a great example of an arm pad that is made for the player. Designed to look good, feel good and protect well.


The STX Cell 3 Arm Guards are incredibly comfortable. This year's new model introduces a unique new strap system and some sweet new mesh to slide your arm in to.

I always hate when I am running through the crease and I come in contact with someone and I hear the awful sound of the Velcro on my arm pad unstrapping. With the Cell 3's new strap system, this dilemma is eliminated but still offers full-range adjustability!


The Cell 3 Arm Guards boast many new technical specifications but one that is most important is their protection.

New STX exclusive Geo-flex technology provides you with a lightweight, flexible and protective feel when you are on the field. The Geo-flex pads used in this new STX model has a soft absorbent material that does a great job of resisting impact when you are getting hacked.

The Cell 3 Arm Guards also provide you with a new hard plastic elbow cap in order to withstand any check a defender can throw at you. The cap has a low profile look and feel in order to increase the amount of mobility that you have, while maintaining an all-star level of protection.

The STX Cell 3 arm Guards also implement something STX calls targeted forearm protection.  Every lacrosse player knows that when you are selling out for a ground ball you are a very vulnerable target. Nothing grinds my gears more than when I reach out for a ground ball and a d-pole slashes down on my forearms. But with the Cell 3 Guards, forearm protection is built in to resist that scenario as a whole. No more getting your wrists beat up, STX has your forearms covered.


The STX Cell 3 Arm Guards fit great! Their innovative new strap system combined with the new form fitting mesh creates a comfortable and tight fit to your arm. They also provide 360 degree interior silicone nubs in order to provide a slip resistant feel so you don't have to keep pulling them up in the middle of the game.


The STX Cell 3 arm guards are great arm guards for advanced level players. They offer lots of unique aspects that other arm guards don't even consider. The overall protection combined with the great fit and mobility of these arm guards make them a very reliable and strong option for many offensive players who are seeking to improve their game.

The STX Cell 3 arm guards come in 10 different colors including Black, Carolina, Forest Green, Grey, Maroon, Navy, Orange, Red, Royal Blue and White and is protected under STX protective equipment warranty for 30 days from the date of purchase.



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