STX Cell X Lacrosse Arm Guards

STX Cell X Lacrosse Arm Guards
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The "Cell X" range has been released by STX and has been designed with the box lacrosse player in mind. The arm guards are one of four new items released in this range. The other three being rib pads, shoulder pads and bicep pads.

Throughout the years box lacrosse players have been somewhat short changed with the lack of ranges specific for them. But in recent times were starting to see box specific equipment enter the market. One of the more recent items is the STX Katana box shaft with thicker sidewalls. Box players know that their protection needs are very different to those who play field. If you're a box kind of guy, check out this range.


The internal sleeve is a full length and is a lightweight elastic mesh which makes for easy fitting and removal. The mesh sleeve also gives great breathability to keep your arms cool.


The Cell X Arm Guards are based on the hugely popular STX Cell 2 Arm Guards. The Cell X's contain all of the main features of the Cell 2's, but with a number of enhancements primarily around the protection.

Both are built with isoBLO X Technology. These are the independent blocks of padding that protect you well while still allow you to move your arms freely.

STX Cell X Lacrosse Arm Guards - Boasts an seriously good elbow capSTX Cell X Lacrosse Arm Guards - Boasts an seriously good elbow cap

The external plastic elbow protection pieces look to be the same on both the Cell X and 2's. Both are designed to guard against high impact checks and include extra stitching to reinforce the edges of the elbow cap. The upper arm and forearm areas do get added protection with the inclusion of the hard plastic layers. These are on top of foam layers to give you a comfortable feel.

The Cell X's then go beyond the Cell 2's by adding extra protection to the internal side of your arm and wrists. Anyone who's played lacrosse knows how much it hurts when you get hit across the forearms! These have two sections of padding at the top and bottom that run all the way around from the outside of the guard to better protect your bicep and forearm. They also have a wrist guard which sits between your arm guard and glove. The wrist guard is adjustable and also removable, but I don't know why you'd want to remove it. While only small, it contributes a lot of protection to a sensitive area.


STX Cell X Lacrosse Arm Guards - Your elbow still flexes easilySTX Cell X Lacrosse Arm Guards - You elbow still flexes easily with the full length sleeve

The internal lining of the sleeve is fitted with small rubber nubs to keep the pads in place so there's no worry about slipping. This is by far one of the best innovations ever for arm pads. You can have all the padding and protection you want, but if it doesn't stay in place when you need it, it's no good.

The arm guards are well held to your arms with two adjustable velcro straps. They say it's a "multi directional" or a "360 degree" strap, but it looks like a normal strap to me. The end of the straps are very low profile and don't have the large plastic tabs like you see on the Cell 2's. I like this as the tabs can get in the way, and you don't want anything part of your arm gear grabbing, flicking, or pulling on you during a game.


STX have done a great job in making a box-ready arm guard. They've successfully managed to strategically add extra padding without restricting mobility. If your arms are getting torn up, give these a shot. You won't be sorry. They come in medium, large and extra-large sizes and STX offer a 60 warranty.



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