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Box lacrosse players sit up and take note. STX have released a range specifically for you, called the "Cell X". The bicep pads are one of four new items released in this range. The other three being rib pads, shoulder pads and arm guards.

It's really quite amazing that it's taken this long for a brand to go all out and produce a box lacrosse line of protection. Especially when the biggest professional league is a box league. We have seen an emergence of box specific equipment, like the STX Katana box shaft, of late and it's nice to know that the box players are being loved.

A bicep pad by itself looks quite useless and it's easy to question why on earth you'd need one. If you feel the need to ask this question, then you don't need one. But there is only one way to answer this question and that is for you to go and play a game of box lacrosse without them. After your first cross check come speak to me.

Not everyone wears separate bicep guards. These are popular with players who have shoulder pads that either don't have bicep guards on them, or do have them but they're rubbish.


The STX Cell X bicep pads feature the same high impact plastic shell that is included in the rest of the range. It provides some of the best protection against the unrelenting hacks you get during a game of box. You won't get that localised welt from high impact hits which can throw you for that brief moment while the pain arrives. You can go to cage with confidence in your gear.

STX Cell X Lacrosse Bicep Pads padding and strapSTX Cell X Lacrosse Bicep Pads padding and strap


You will be delighted to know that no electric tape is required to fit these bicep guards. They feature an adjustable, dual strap system which doubles over and locks the pads in place.

There's also some rubber inserts along the liner which additionally help keep the pad in place.


The internal sleeve of the pads is made from a padded liner which is super soft and provides a comfortable feel.  The velcro straps around the pad are nice and thick so they keep the pad in place and don’t dig in.



So attention bruised and battered box lacrosse players. If you're looking to lessen the soft tissue injuries and stay longer in the game then check these out. They're a very affordable option if you're not too keen to spending the extra cash on getting new shoulder pads. They come in medium, large and extra-large sizes and are backed by a 60 day warranty from STX.


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