Brine Deft Lacrosse Gloves

Brine Deft Lacrosse Gloves
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The Deft lacrosse gloves have been one of Brine’s most reliable series. And understandably so since these gloves hold up against the most brutal of checks.

Your gloves control your stick so you want to make sure you choose solid gloves that do the job right. Combining impressive flexibility, protection in the most important areas, and also an incredible grip that holds up in tough weather, these gloves should be experienced by every lacrosse player.


These gloves are incredibly flexible and have a lot of breaks in the padding along the fingers, thumb, and back of the hand. The thumb area is also wide, but still moveable. Each pad is individually stitched providing some of the best free movement you could find in a glove.

The Deft gloves are some of the most lightweight gloves available. This will absolutely come in handy when you need to move your stick as fast as possible since you won’t have any extra weight holding you back.

Although they are lightweight, they still hold up against hard checks, which is hard to find in a lightweight glove.

The Deft gloves come with a floating cuff that is one of the lightest cuffs out there.


The Deft gloves feature ”hot zone” protection meaning they made sure to add extra protection along the back of the hand and thumb

Keeping your fingers safe is important which is why Brine also added “Trigger Finger” padding for extra protection. This is an added layer of protection around your index finger, keeping it safe during those rough direct checks.


The palm area has a mesh insert providing the feeling of a bare hand while also increasing air flow, keeping your hands cooler during the game. The finger and thumb areas have leather covering, giving you a better grip in tough conditions like rain or snow.

Wear and Tear

The Deft gloves are made well and last for quite some time. It’s great that they are super easy to wipe down. Just make sure to clean in between the fingers and other flexibility break points to make sure your gloves stay clean and last as long as possible.


The Deft includes the old school look and feel by including the embroidery along the back of the hand creating even more foam blocks to freely move. More customization options come with the alternating color changes within the finger splits.


If you commonly have bruised hands or have heavy gloves, this is the switch you need. The protection and also lightweight that the Deft glove provides is a hard balance to find, but Brine accomplished this.

The comfort and flexibility alone are an incredible combination to add to your lacrosse gear.



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