Brine King 4 Lacrosse Gloves

Brine King 4 Lacrosse Gloves
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The Brine King 4 lacrosse gloves are a perfect combination of comfort, technology and protection. Their new arch backhand and ABS caps on each fingers gives the King 4’s the ultimate ability to protect your hands from rough checks. The new King 4’s set the bar high giving the glove market a quality example of how a lacrosse glove should be.

Playing with the King 4’s is the closest you can get to safely playing in a game with your bare hands. Brine also redesigned the palm on the King 4 to give you a better feel on the stick by using less overlapping material. The Bring King 4’s fit perfectly while giving you amazing feel when cradling, making you and your stick one.


The comfort level on the Brine King 4’s is unparalleled. The new Arch backhand was designed to provide more protection to these gloves, but in doing so the Arch creates more mobility than the previous King gloves.

Also, by using less material on the palm, Brine has created the closest thing to bare hand contact with your lacrosse shaft. It doesn’t take long to break in these gloves, but when you do, it will feel like you don’t have gloves on. You will have no problem mimicking any of the professional’s stick fakes and cradling moves with the mobility and comfort that these gloves provide.


The Brine King 4’s new Arch backhand and ABS caps on each finger provide protection from rough checks to the backhand. You won’t have any trouble cradling through the defenders attempts to check your hands. You won’t feel anything the defenders try to throw at you.

Keeping your fingers and hands protected is something that is extremely vital in Lacrosse and the Brine King 4’s can assure this protection.


The grip that Lacrosse gloves provide is one of the main characteristics that determine a purchase. The Brine King 4 gloves have incredible feel on the palm, and lots of mobility in the fingers. The new palm design uses less material so that you can move the stick to your need.

As far as the fitting goes, the Brine King 4’s feel snug on your hand and you will have no problem with them moving around while you’re playing. They break in very easily and give your hands the opportunity to perform at their best.

Wear and Tear

Wear and tear is something that can affect your gloves look and performance. With the Brine King 4’s this is not a problem. A lot of the time, gloves fall apart due to the stitching in the gloves but the King 4’s stitching is invincible and will provide you full protection while looking good for multiple seasons.

Brine has made a glove that can withstand the brutal conditions of weather and gameplay all while looking good and more importantly, feeling good. 


The Brine King 4 Lacrosse gloves are a must buy if you’re looking for unmatched comfort and mobility. Brine has focused on making a glove that looks good and feels good on your hand, while also protecting your hands from defensive checks. These gloves are perfect for any attack or mid-fielder that is looking to improve their feel on the stick.

Although these gloves may not have the longest life due to their shedding of materials for lightweight capabilities, these gloves are for advanced players that are looking to use their stick skills to rip shots from the outside or dodge around your defender and score 1v1 with the goalie. The Brine King 4’s come from a legacy of excellent gloves and should be considered as one of the most elite gloves on the market.



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