Maverik Rome NXT Lacrosse Gloves

Maverik Rome NXT Lacrosse Gloves
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Your hands are no doubt the best asset you can have in the game. This is why you need to protect them with Maverik's Rome NXT lacrosse gloves. They are designed to provide the ultimate combination of protection and flexibility that you need in a glove. These mean gauntlets are complete with exciting features to help you perform at your best in every game.

The Rome NXT gloves are packed with top line features. You can never go wrong with the Durastretch tapered gussets for maximum flexibility and XFOAM impact resistant foams for protection. The Thermoblast liner coating is for anti-moisture wicking and the Dilloflex slide over construction is for agility.


You know with most gloves they can take some time to wear in. But in announcing the release of the Rome NXT gloves, that’s all changed. Maverik said they wanted a glove they knew would be so comfortable you could wear it straight out of the store and onto the field.

Many players have said that the Rome NXT glove almost has the feel and lightness of a golf glove while still being able to hold up against brutal checks. But of course you’ll have to try them out for yourself to see if you agree.

The gloves have Maverik’s patented FLOWCOOL technology, which essentially opens up the back of the hand providing more airflow, keeping your hands cool.


Getting slashed on the fingers in the middle of a pass never feels good. That’s why the Rome glove has added forefinger slash protection and also Shark Gel all along the thumb pivot. The shark gel hardens on impact, protecting your hands where you need it most.

Using Xfoam technology, the Rome NXT gloves are light while also providing some of the best protection possible. The Xfoam technology is some of the lightest padding available while also maintaining the same amount of protection.


Keeping your hands aerated and dry is important for maximum stick control. The Rome NXT gloves use DuraStretch fabric that breathes really well. Maverik also made sure to create a seamless glove grip so you have the most hand-to-stick connection possible.

Wear and tear

You would think that a pair of lightweight gloves would wear down easily, but these gloves hold their own. Maverik has selected their best material and most advanced technology on these gloves. Using their best material insures the best protection for the advanced lacrosse player.  

These gloves wash and dry out easily due to being thin and their excellent airflow.


The Rome NXT gloves from Maverik are some of the top gloves for elite players. Combining lightweight, strong protection, and maximum air flow, these gloves are highly recommended.

They come in white, black, red, navy, and royal. The sizing options are 12” or 13”.



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