STX Cell 3 Lacrosse Gloves

STX Cell 3 Lacrosse Gloves
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The most important aspect a brand can offer when it comes to lacrosse gloves is protection. The Cell 3 gloves Dual-density foam strategically places protection in the areas that are important to your hands. After all, for us lacrosse players, our hands are everything to us.

Along with protecting your hands from defender's checks, the Cell 3 gloves allow incredible flexibility. One of the toughest areas on a lacrosse glove to provide range of motion is the thumb. The Cell 3 gloves provide new "Stretch-thumb" technology that increases the flexibility and rotation of the thumb.


The reviews for the Cell 2 gloves came back OK. But STX took all of the criticism and came back with a product that addresses all problems that lacrosse players face when trying to find a glove that is suitable for them.

A major contributor to a lacrosse players purchase decision of a pair of lacrosse gloves is comfort. STX has focused on providing a comfortable, flexible feel, they have equipped the Cell 3 gloves with a shortened cuff and new stretch-thumb technology that provides you with excellent range of motion in order to have a close comfortable feel while on the field.


Getting slashed in the fingers is not my most favorite part of lacrosse. There is nothing worse than reaching out to catch a pass and getting slashed through the gloves on your hands. Trying to act like it doesn't hurt is almost as hard as continuing to play with beat up hands.

To avoid this, STX has placed Dual-density foam throughout the glove along with polyethylene plastic board that provides extra protection where it counts. The dense foam is designed with slashes in mind, making it easy for these gloves to absorb checks anywhere and everywhere on your hands.

You can be sure that all key areas of your hands will be fully protected when wearing a pair of the Cell 3 gloves.


Everyone knows that the grip starts with the palm. STX decided to do it right, delivering with a durable palm that creates a superior feel between your palms and the shaft.

Being able to control the stick how you want to be very important when it comes to helping your team in every way that you can.

Wear and tear

STX has incorporated a durable full Nash palm that is incredibly strong and comfortable at the same time. The stitching on the glove is extremely tight. The Cell 3 gloves will have no problem withstanding the test of time giving you the most bang for your buck.


The Cell 3 gloves are a great example of what happens when a company listens to its customers. They have taken all criticism constructively in order to address every aspect that makes a lacrosse glove great.

STX has packed these gloves with all of the latest technology including Dual density foam, Stretch-thumb technology and seamless vents on the palm keeping your hands cool and dry. One thing that the Cell gloves have always offered is protection. And they have done that yet again with the Cell 3 gloves.

The STX Cell 3 gloves come in Black, Navy, Royal Blue, Red, White and is protected under STX protective equipment warranty for 30 days from the date of purchase.



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