STX Shield Pro Goalie Lacrosse Gloves

STX Shield Pro Goalie Lacrosse Gloves
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The STX Shield Pro goalie gloves boast a new flexible thumb guard that allows for added mobility and extra protection on the tip of the thumb. They also include the reduced cuff length for uninhibited wrist mobility. Not only do they provide great protection for your hands, they also ensures comfort and complete control of the game.

The gloves also maintain a low-profile back of the hand design for easier movement and control. The single mesh palm piece with perforation counts for added breathability, keeping sweat off your hands while giving you a soothing feel in the middle of a game. They are available in medium, large, and extra-large sizes.

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  • Good-looking gloves, but not that great in practice

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    - Short cuffs allow for greater range of movement
    - Foam palm material breathes really well -- much less "glove stink"
    - Very good-looking gloves
    - Don't really offer enough thumb protection for high-school/college goalies
    - Putting a complex, plastic hinge on the most exposed part of the glove makes no sense
    - Designed to protect against hyperextension, but have no more padding for simple impact protection than non-goalie gloves
    - Foam palm material is much less sturdy than suede, tears through pretty quickly
    We got these for our 13-yo son about a year ago -- they worked fine for him during his regular season, but when he went to camps, all the older goalies said "Those look cool, but we would never wear those to play at our level. Way too little padding over the thumb."
    The question of whether or not he should keep wearing them became moot, though, because after about a year, he tore through the material in the palms. Instead of suede, these have a porous foam material, which actually breathes really well and doesn't end up smelling nearly as bad as suede, but as you might imagine, is also a lot less sturdy. We'll be trading up to either the Evo, or probably the Rome RX3.
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