Warrior Regulator 2 Lacrosse Gloves

Warrior Regulator 2 Lacrosse Gloves
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The Regulator 2 gloves from Warrior are one of their newest high-end offerings. It is well known that Warrior makes high-quality lacrosse gear, and you should expect that when buying their equipment. The Regulator 2’s can be found on the hands of numerous NCAA and professional lacrosse teams, and for good reason.

Gloves will no longer be something you have to wear after you put on the Regulator 2’s. They are so comfortable, you’ll be happy to wear them any time you practice or play. The feeling on your stick is completely natural and gives you total control.

They also provide plenty of protection using some of the newest technology developed by Warrior. Once you wear them, you can see that Warrior has created the perfect combination of comfort and protection.


The protection on the Warrior Regulator 2 gloves is outstanding. Your hands will be guarded from slashes by specially molded foam. This foam gives you protection, mobility, and comfort all at the same time. For areas that need a little extra coverage, Warrior used their thicker, stronger HD foam.

The back of your hand and fingers are also protected by TPU rubber accents that mimic the look of the bones in your hands. The accents are very light and strong, and provide that extra level of security that you look for in gloves.

To protect your wrist, these gloves sport free-floating cuffs to ward off any over-eager defenseman.


When you put these gloves on, you wonder if you put on lacrosse gloves or pillows. They are so comfortable that you won’t even want to take them off.

Ventilation is also very well done. Warrior’s Truvent technology helps air flow through all materials in the glove. There are also three large mesh vents on the back of the hand, and mesh running along the fingers.

The palms of the Regulators are made out of a single layer of Ax suede, also made by Warrior. It is a soft, supple and durable leather that provides unparalleled comfort and feel of your stick. The amazing feel should be expected considering it is only 0.75mm thick.


In regards to how the gloves fit, they are on the tighter side. They are snug around your hand, but not in an overbearing way. You feel comfortable and able to move freely and easily despite how they hug every part of your hands.

The gloves are offered in 12 and 13 inch sizes. Since they are snug, you may consider getting a larger size than normal if you don’t like your gloves to be too tight.


The suede palms of the Regulator 2’s make for a very smooth and soft grip on your stick. This makes it very easy to transition your hands to different shooting, passing, and cradling positions.

This could possibly be a disadvantage, as your hands will slide very easily off of your shaft. It’s very minor though, because most people tape their shafts anyway. If you don’t use tape then you’ll have a slightly difficult time locking your hands in position on your stick.

The feel of the gloves is, as I said before, very natural. You can feel every part of your stick and you become more aware of its position in your hands. This helps you make precision passes and shots, while making it very easy to control your stick overall as well.

Wear and Tear

When you get these gloves you’ll begin to notice just how high the build quality is; this is something to expect from Warrior.

The stitches are all in place, the leather is smooth and snug, and the interior lining is also very well put together. After plenty of hours of ripping shots and absorbing nasty checks, the stitches will still be tight and in their place. You can tell that these gloves will last a long time and won’t tear unless you really abuse them.

When you’re done playing in them, just let the gloves air out and they’ll be perfectly dry for the next time you take the field. Washing them is a breeze, as you just have to run some water over them and scrub the dirt off.


If you’re an elite player looking to really take your game to the next level, look no further than the Warrior Regulator 2. They offer incredible stitching, soft palms for extra feel, HD padding to keep you protected, and Truvent technology to keep you cool.

They are one of the best combinations of protection, comfort, durability, mobility, and weight I’ve ever seen in a lacrosse glove. You’ll feel like you have an unfair advantage just by wearing them.

They come in a large variety of colors and can also be fully customized to any color you prefer. Warrior also offers a 30 day warranty on their protective equipment.



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