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Brine Clutch 2 Lacrosse Head
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Is Brine replacing the all famous Clutch? Hardly, but they've taken it to the next level with the Clutch 2. Featuring flared sidewall and a two shot colour process, the look has certainly had a makeover. Brine has ingeniously improved the scoop and throat without increasing the overall weight. The Brine Clutch 2 meets NFHS specifications only.


With the two-tone colours, scoop is the main visual feature of the head. It's fairly wide and flat, with no accentuation on a pointy tip. There are no ribs/ledges/lips on the back of the scoop which can lift it off the ground if you don't get the correct approach angle. The relatively flat scoop makes it super easy on ground balls. Lots of margin for error, meaning you can scoop the ball off centre and still easily pick it up.

The scoop features additional strength support which allows you to go pretty hard at ground balls without worrying you'll break it.

It was surprising that with the lack of a pointy tip, the head was actually quite accurate. Lacrosse heads without a pointy tip can go either way and it's great that this head has gone down the accurate path.


One of the major changes to the Clutch 2 lacrosse head are the reverse flared sidewalls. The flares aide in keeping the ball secure in the head, and a little safer from checks. The flare does start low enough on the sidewall that it assists in stringing a mid-pocket. For mesh kits, the flare allows the pocket to sit fractionally lower and naturally forming a pocket. The flare extends up the head enough to also benefit a high pocket.

At first look, you would say that the head isn't overly pinched. If anything, the head looks quite open. From a catching perspective, this is great news. But for those with an insatiable desire for pinch may be disappointed. But if you go beyond pinch and consider that its ball hold you should be concerned with, then the reverse flared sidewalls really come into play. We found they made for a tight pocket. yesh, toit ... like a tiger!

Stringing holes are aplenty with this baby. It seems that all the brands are going down the "more is better" path these days. If they don't, then the head is given a roasting on the forums. We personally don't see what you can't do with 10 that you could with 15. As long as the extra holes don't degrade the integrity of the head, then we're happy. The Clutch 2 appears to have ticked this box for us.

One thing we found was that because the stringing holes are so big that some of our locks became loose fairly quickly. But this is quite natural for a freshly strung mesh and if anything it was good to get the loose sections sorted early.

We found the sidewalls to be quite stable in general play. The stiffness was not a concern at all and we wouldn't say this is overly flexible.


The ball stop is the traditional Brine style, with nothing for the ball to get caught on. Very standard, very normal, very good!


Extra strength and support have been added to the neck without contributing to any extra weight. The neck feels very stable on the shaft and gives great support to the throat and sidewalls.

Warp Factor

This a reasonably tough head, so you're not going to get too much warp, if any at all. The flattish tip contributes to this as well as the neck and throat stability. But as with all heads that have these characteristics, they can be susceptible to some warping during face-off. The lack of flex can get in the way of the head bouncing back to its normal shape.

Shaft Fit

The throat on Brine heads seems to be fractionally larger than other heads, but nothing that a bit of tape wouldn't fix. We fitted it to a brine shaft and as expected, fitted like a glove.

Field Position

The Brine Clutch 2 lacrosse head is an excellent all-round head. While not especially built for defence, the stiffness makes it a great candidate. Furthermore, the scoop is a ground ball machine making it a great candidate for long stick midfield.

The reversed flared sidewalls also make this a great attack or midfield head. We were really happy with the pocket that resulted and how accurate it was. The strength of the scoop means there's not much whip when shooting.

Although great for ground balls, we considered it too stiff for faceoff. But if you're a brute force kind of face-off guy and rely less on the subtleties, then you should consider this head.


It's really hard to find a fault with the Brine Clutch 2. If anything, the fact that we can't find a fault with it may in fact be it. It's not designed for a single purpose or position so it has no stand out feature. It may not be the best shooting head, nor is it the best defensive head, but it's a fantastic all-round head. With that in mind, this lacrosse head would be perfect for a player still deciding what position they should play.



User Reviews

  • Great overall head for use as middie or attack

    review posted by
    Great hold, good shot, good scoop
    the multicolor causes weak points
    good head no matter your position
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    review posted by
    ok at first
    not tough
    Overall this head was pretty good when i got it, so i got a clutch x6 (which is basicly the same head exept it does not have the two seperate colors.) I began to like the head, and then last monday, l hit a players stick to get the ball and the sidewall of the x6 totally broke off (it didnt fly because my string attached it.) l figured that since it appeared to be a little bit thinner than the 2x that it might be less strong. I WAS WRONG... i had used the 2x about 30 times, and last thursday (3 days after l broke the x6) on my first hit in pratice, even though it was not all that hard, l heard a cracking noise and looked at my head, it was broken on the back of the sidewall, aswell as the frot of it. I was mad so now l want to warn you not to buy anymore clutches unless they signifigantly improve the sidewall stregnth. Within four days two expencive heads broke on me, and in the exact same spot too.
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