Warrior Nemesis Keeper Lacrosse Head

Warrior Nemesis Keeper Lacrosse Head
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The Warrior Nemesis lacrosse head is one of the most advanced heads in the game. It is the only goalie head in the world to feature Warrior's patented flared sidewall which directs shots into the center of the pocket for better saves. It is made from super tough durable nylon materials that can stand up serious heat.

This lacrosse head NCAA approved and NFHS compliant.

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  • Great overall, but the best throwing head you'll find

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    Shape and aim throws much more precisely
    Very light, but very solid
    Holes allow for lots of stringing options
    Not the cheapest head on the market
    May not clamp and rake quite as cleanly as a straight-edged head
    All you have to do is play catch with this head for 5-10 minutes to understand the difference it makes in your ability to shape and aim your throws -- both short passes and long clears. It's no wonder that this is one of the most popular heads for pro goalies.

    The throat and scoop on the Nemesis are much more similar to shape of a "normal" attack / middie / defense head. The scoop is rounded into more of a smooth bowl, like it would be on a normal head, rather than the really straight top edge on an Eclipse or a Shield. That _might_ make it a little harder to clamp and rake a ground ball (my son doesn't think so), but once you've got the ball in your pocket and throw it, the difference is night and day. On the Eclipse, the scoop's basically straight, so unless you have the ball come off one of the corners, you can't really do much to shape it as it comes out. On the Nemesis, you can throw the ball straight off the middle of the scoop, but still be able to put a little english on it right at the end. (Just like a great passer/shooter would do with a normal head.)

    _If_ you're already a pretty advanced goalie who's looking for more control and precision in your passing, you should really check out the Nemesis. My son has had an Eclipse head on his "main" stick for a couple of years now, but when he needed a back-up stick, we figured we'd try out the Nemesis 2. After a year of playing catch in the backyard, we realized that we both _really_ preferred the Nemesis, because of how much more control you've got when you throw with it. It's a lot better when you're just throwing back and forth 15 feet apart, and it's _way_ better when you're throwing long clears 20-30 yards apart.

    Put it this way...even though his Eclipse head is in good shape, we've pretty much decided that our next major equipment purchase is going to be to replace the Eclipse head on his main stick with a Nemesis, just because it's so much better.
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