Cascade CPV-R Lacrosse Helmet

Cascade CPV-R Lacrosse Helmet
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In modern sports, it's a given that the main focus for many people is safety. With helmets in particular, you're going to want one that has a comfortable fit and protects your head from injuries. Essentially, one that will do its job.

Cascade, already a big player in the game of head protection, has again developed a helmet that fits these qualities. They have taken the already widely successful traits of the prior R-Series helmets and have developed a helmet that's fit for younger players and is specifically designed for their build.

Along with being oriented to fit players of all sizes, the CPV-R takes advantage of several established methods to make it a more comfortable and practical helmet.


The CPV-R is the first helmet in the R-Series that has been given an EPP Liner system.

This type of foam is commonly found in a variety of outdoor and sporting helmets, and as such you will find it offers a familiar comfortable feel. It is a multi-impact and high-impact foam that is designed to get back to its original shape slowly after an impact or crash.

From slashes to the head, to high velocity shots, and even body to body collisions, the EPP Line system will protect you on the field.


The shell of the CPV-R is another trait of the helmet that is also found in other models in the R-Series.

Having been tried and tested over a multitude of helmets, the R-Series Shell is designed to keep you cool, and is perfectly shaped to minimize wind resistance while on the move.

The iconic shape of the Cascade helmets is already known, and represents the standard in protection in the game of lacrosse. The R-Series Shell lies at the core of this standard.


The CPV-R is hardly lacking in any areas, especially where comfort is concerned.

Not only is the helmet very light, coming in at only 1.9 pounds, but the shell, padding placement, and cage is designed to accommodate a multitude of players heads.

If you get the right size, there should be no trouble with quickly getting acclimated to wearing the helmet, especially over a period of time like a practice or game.


The CPV-R utilizes the Chevron Mask; a cage that is designed to give you increased downward vision.

This can be appreciated by all players, but especially if you're one who's faced with groundball situations. Defenders specifically will prosper in groundballs, because you'll be less inclined to choke up on your stick and compromise your vertical vision just to properly see the ball.

Fit and sizing

It's important to note that this helmet was developed for younger, smaller players, and therefore the overall shape is generally going to be orientated for a youth skull. However the helmet is available in large sizes that are just as big as other more maturely designed helmets.

On top of all this the helmet comes with the SPRfit adjustable ratchet system. This system is comprised of an adjustable strap in the back of the helmet that allows you to further control how the helmet feels on your head.

Being strapped in from not just the front, with your chinstrap, but also from the back with the SPRfit gives you a whole new level of a secure fit.


The CPV-R is overall a great example of how well the company Cascade has perfected their craft. They have developed the helmet for a specific niche, and they nailed it on all levels.

To quote the company's own words from their website "The CPV-R is the perfect stop for the player who is looking for an elite style helmet, but hasn't yet grown into a SevenTechâ„¢ lid." This is really the perfect way to describe this helmet.

Wearing this helmet means you will not have to worry about injury and instead focus on enhancing your play with this lightweight, durable and highly functional piece of equipment.

The CPV-R, like the rest of the Cascade helmets, comes with a one-year warranty. To go with this, you can customize the helmet by going to Cascade's factory custom website and choosing the color combinations on the helmet.



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