Cascade Pro7 Lacrosse Helmet

Cascade Pro7 Lacrosse Helmet
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Next to your stick, your helmet is a huge factor in your ability to perform at your best. Having a helmet that weighs you down or doesn’t protect your head from a collision can make or break your lacrosse season.

The Cascade Pro7 helmet has combined reliability, technology, and lightweight design making this a top performer. This helmet has been said to be one of the safest helmets available with a number of great features.

Used by some of the top collegiate programs, as well as being the official helmet of Major League Lacrosse, it would be a great addition to your kit.

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The Pro7 is the only helmet with Cascade’s Seven Technology, which does a better job of spreading out energy from direct impact. After each hit, the padding in the helmet compresses, pushes the energy out laterally, then completely resets to be ready for the next impact.

Compared to EPP Foam, the Seven Technology liner has been said to recover better from impact, which helps reduce the probability of a concussion, keeping you in the game longer while also protecting your head.


The Cascade Pro7 uses the SuperMono shell and visor. In this helmet the center of balance has been moved closer to the center of the head creating a lighter feeling in the helmet.

Along with its lightweight design, there are over 10 million different ways to customize this helmet, so your own style can be created even while sharing your team colors.


Along with all of the color customization options, you can choose between Tungsten, Chromanium, and Gold Chromanium for the facemask.

Both the visor, facemask, and also the chinstrap are all customizable.


The Pro 7 includes the ProFit sizing system that creates a one-size-fits-most helmet. It is fully adjustable so you can switch from an XS to an XL. This helmet also comes with three Jaw Pad thicknesses so you can be sure to get the most comfortable fit.


Having a reliable helmet is essential to any lacrosse player’s gear. Being able to see oncoming defenders or open teammates from almost any angle has a lot to do with which helmet you pick.

The Cascade Pro7 is one of the safest and lightest helmets available, making it well worth your consideration.



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  • So nice!

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    easily adjustable, good protection, looks good
    This helmet is worth the price! its comfortable and light
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