STX Cell X Lacrosse Rib Pads

STX Cell X Lacrosse Rib Pads
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In 2012, STX released the Cell X range which is specifically designed with the box lacrosse player in mind. Their goal was to deliver a beefed up range of protection without adding extra bulk. Box players will agree that their precise needs have gone unaddressed for too long and it's good to see them get some love. The range comprises 4 products, shoulder pads, arm guards, bicep guards and rib pads.

The overall design of the STX Cell X rib pads is like any other rib pad. As an aside, it will forever confuse me why this category is even called "rib pads" because they hardly protect your ribs. The pads follow the contour of the bottom of your ribs and offer more protection to your stomach and lower back. Maybe the category name "stomach pad" or "lower back pad" didn't sell as well. Who knows?


The external shell of the rid pads is made from a hard plastic which is used throughout the whole Cell X range. This takes the impact of your defenders wayward cross check and disperses it over a larger area of the pad. The lateral padding segments are designed as solid pieces which wrap around your body and provide good coverage for your kidneys. Keeping the front clips firm helps keep the pads close to your body.

STX Cell X Lacrosse Rib Pads - Rear view with the extended paddingSTX Cell X Lacrosse Rib Pads - Rear view with the extended padding

The padding at the back is quite a bit different as it's broken up into 3 sections. The pads on either side of the main pad extend up to increase the protection in this area. The long spinal pad in between runs along the length of your lower spine and continues right up to about where your shoulder pads would start. This is something quite new and a great idea. If you find your get a lot of cross checks in the back, this alone should be the deciding factor for you.

Without doubt, the protection these pads offer is unrivalled. But there are some questions around its overall design. The first is with the lateral pads. Being solid segments there's no fold lines or creases in the padding which would allow them to bend naturally. Instead they have to crumple when they wrap around your body which lessens the quality of the padding.

The other question is with the rear 3 sections. They stick out quite a bit at the top which offers something for your defender to hook onto and drag your down. The middle pad extends up so far that if caught and pulled down hard it could bend or break the plastic. It's a great idea and in line with meeting the protective needs to box players, but I'm unsure of its longevity.

STX Cell X Lacrosse Rib Pads - Front view showing mesh and clipsSTX Cell X Lacrosse Rib Pads - Front view showing mesh and clips


The new shoulder strap design is a welcome innovation. The front straps are standard, but as they pass over your shoulders they connect to a mesh that runs along the back. The mesh reduces the movement of the pads and is more comfortable.


With the mesh and shoulder strap design, you'll need to wear an undershirt. While the straps don't move that much the mesh can irritate your skin. The liner of the padding is made of a super soft material which will feel very comfortable during the game. The padding is quite firm as well, as you'd expect.

These features are minor differences when compared to all other rib pads. The protection is where these pads really excel.


If you're a box lacrosse player, you can't go past these rib pads. They're top of the line and you'll be hard pressed to find any better. Aside from the design questions, they'll protect well against the dreaded cross check! They come in medium and large sizes and are available in black only.



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