STX Stallion Sc-Ti OCS Lacrosse Shaft

STX Stallion Sc-Ti OCS Lacrosse Shaft
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The STX Stallion Sc-Ti OCS is an extremely well developed shaft. STX have integrated new technology and several unique methods to create an in-demand and advanced piece of equipment.

The new Sc-Ti OCS is an updated version of the STX Stallion SC, and has managed to maintain the same strength of its predecessor while also being made lighter.

On top of all this, STX has addressed other concerns that have made the shaft more player friendly. The shaft has been given a sandblast finish so you don't need to worry about having to compensate your grip with extra tape.

Also included is STX's patent pending Shaft Lock technology, assuring the shaft gets a secure fit to the head.

Material and weight

The new Sc-Ti OCS shaft has been developed to have the best strength to weight ratio in the game. Built with a scandium and titanium alloy, the shaft weighs in at around 6.4 ounces. These materials will give you a strong and very durable shaft that'll last you a long time.


The shape of a lacrosse handle will determine how comfortable the stick is in your hands. The Sc-Ti OCS takes on a concave octagon shape with the 4 short corners being rounded in.

This is a very strong shape for handles that will also feel good in your hands. You're going to be able to feel the curves to dig your fingers into, even over gloves. This will give you a very secure, locked-in feeling when cradling.


When you combine the shape of the handle with its sandblasted finish, you're going to be very satisfied. This finish gives you a unique type of texture that is apparent at all times.

You'll be able to notice the difference not only when cradling, but also when you're switching hands, or moving your hands down to shoot.

As opposed to smooth handles, you'll actually be able to get a sense that the handle is moving in your hands. This sensation will undoubtedly improve your stick handling.

Wear and tear

The OCS in Sc-Ti OCS stands for Optimized Cross Section. This design allows the areas of the shaft that would usually be most prone to denting to greatly increase their strength.

Essentially what happens is the corners where each side of the handle meets have material added on the inside. This makes these points of contact stronger, and much more resistant to caving in, and therefore denting.


Overall the new STX Stallion Sc-Ti OCS Shaft is a strong, elite-level piece of equipment that will more than satisfy all your needs as a player. It really has something going for all players, whether you're on attack, midfield, or defense. It is light enough for any position, and strong enough too.

STX has definitely raised the bar in alloyed shafts with the production of this handle. With the use of titanium and scandium to give the shaft its core strength, and its shape and design to make it practical, you will definitely be happy to have this as part of your stick.

This shaft comes in two main color styles, gunmetal, and platinum. A 60 day warranty is included with the purchase of this shaft.



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