Brine King 4 Mid Lacrosse Shoulder Pads

Brine King 4 Mid Lacrosse Shoulder Pads
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The focus for Brine with the King 4 Mid lacrosse shoulder pads was to create one of the lightest pads available without compromising safety.

If you’re a midfielder who is constantly running up and down the field, these pads are perfect for you because they won’t weigh you down. If speed is one of your top priorities, you need these pads in your kit.

Along with being incredibly lightweight, Brine added extra strength to the areas you need it the most, like your sternum and spine. This will give you the peace of mind you need to get into those tricky spots knowing you’ll be safe.


To obtain such a low weight, Brine has only incorporated padding in the areas that need it most. For example, your sternum and chest are further protected with additional ICS (internal cap system) padding.

If bulky padding annoys you, these pads are the solution you’re looking for. The pads only have compression-molded foam so they use the least amount of padding possible while also keeping you safe.

Shoulder caps

Customizing your gear is an important aspect for any player, which is why Brine added the TPR shoulder caps. They have removable snap features for a fully customized fit for your bicep protection.

The King IV  shoulder caps are also incredibly thin with individual pockets of compressed foam to keep your shoulders safe from a check at any angle.

There are individual pieces of foam over the top, front, and back, always keeping your shoulders safe.

Chest/sternum/back protection

You know that your sternum and spine are some of the most important places to protect. This is an area that you can’t take short cuts on. This is why Brine added reinforced pieces in both of these areas. They used the ICS padding to really keep you safe.

Upper arm protection

In order to create the light weight profile, they reduced a significant amount of padding in the shoulders while still maintaining their strength. You’ll still get great protection but without the weight.


Not only are these pads incredibly light but they also give you some of the best mobility of any shoulder pads out there. Using their Grid-Flex technology, each pad moves individually to your own body’s movements. This reduces the resistance of each move you make while also keeping the gear in place, right where you need it.

These pads are extremely well ventilated and help you breathe easy in any situation due to their Ventilator Chill technology. This technology keeps each pad cool no matter how hot it is outside by channelling air flow throughout and absorbing the heat off your skin.


The King 4 mid shoulder pads from Brine are some of the slimmest pads out there, and any player who needs speed should consider these.

They are also some of the most comfortable pads on the market. They will keep you light and free of sweat as you play.

Their removable “snap feature” on the shoulder caps is a great addition so you can customize them any way you want.

Any lacrosse player who is looking for top of the line comfort, strength, and also some of the lightest shoulder pads available should look no further than the Brine King 4 Mid shoulder pads.

They come in sizes medium and large. The color options are blue/white and blue/black.



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