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  • Maverik Metrik U Lacrosse Head

    Maverik Metrik U Lacrosse Head

    The Metrik U lacrosse head by Maverik is a revolutionary head whose design meets the NCAA and NFHS specifications. It's the result of the brand's most innovative head development to date. Made in the US, this head incorporates premium materials, superior quality control and unrivalled testing. The Metrik U head is designed for the perfect blend of power and accuracy.

  • Gait Torque Lacrosse Head

    Gait Torque Lacrosse Head

    Featuring inside stringing tabs with inverted V shape, the Gait Torque lacrosse head provides the ultimate narrow pocket for improved control and accuracy. It boasts a drop-V scoop that channels the pocket allowing for improved accuracy and quicker release point.

  • STX Stallion Lacrosse Head - A top level head for the alpha player

    STX Stallion Lacrosse Head
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    The STX Stallion offers advanced technology that helps you take your game to the next level. Kyle Harrison and his team at STX have developed a strong but lightweight lacrosse head designed to maintain its shape for the all-around midfielder.

    Incorporating C-channel technology, the Stallion can bend with faceoff capabilities while maintaining low levels of stress on the head. This helps improve all aspects of your game, keeping your gameplay as good as your lacrosse head. This head is only NFHS compliant.

  • STX Fortress Women's Lacrosse Head

    STX Fortress Women's Lacrosse Head

    Shut down your opponents' attack with the STX Fortress women's lacrosse head. It comes with the C-Channel technology that enhances strength along the head's bottom rail by distributing stress evenly. The elastomer overmold reduces ball spin for enhanced control. The head also features an elongated profile for increased power and STX Forward Cant technology to put the ball in the perfect release position for quick passing.

  • Maverik Wondergirl Women's Lacrosse Head

    Maverik Wondergirl Women's Lacrosse Head

    Get hold of the women's Wondergirl lacrosse head from Maverik. This lightweight, high performance tool will help you play like a hero all over the field. Designed to give you pin point accuracy and ground ball dominate and overall control, this stick will do wonders.

  • Maverik Twist Women's Lacrosse Head

    Maverik Twist Women's Lacrosse Head

    Maverik brings you the Twist lacrosse stick. An off-the-shelf game changer that will redefine how beginners learn the game. No longer will newbies have to sacrifice performance as the Twist ensures even those new to the game a play with top quality equipment!

  • Maverik Metrik Lacrosse Head

    Maverik Metrik Lacrosse Head

    Designed pure & simple for performance, Maverick's Metrik lacrosse head comes packed with cutting edge features perfect for attackers and midfielders. This US-made lax head incorporates premium materials, superior quality control and universal testing. As a result of extensive research and development the Metrik features unmatched stiffness and durability. This is made possible with a new molding process and advanced sidewall engineering.

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