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  • Gait Intrepid Box Lacrosse Kidney Pads

    Gait Intrepid Box Lacrosse Kidney Pads
    LGR Rating:

    If you're looking for proven, efficient padding that will undoubtedly keep you safe, then the Gait Intrepid Box Lacrosse Kidney Pads are a perfect match for you.

    In the game of box lacrosse, it is essential to find and use protective equipment that will work. If you don't, you can easily end up getting very hurt, especially when concerning a sensitive area like the kidneys.

    Gait is a lacrosse company that has a lot of experience in the game of lacrosse, and is well respected as an established brand. Their box lacrosse protective equipment is definitely some of the best gear out there. These Intrepid pads are a good representation of that. You're going to find that they do their job very well.

  • Cascade CPV-R Lacrosse Helmet

    Cascade CPV-R Lacrosse Helmet
    LGR Rating:

    In modern sports, it's a given that the main focus for many people is safety. With helmets in particular, you're going to want one that has a comfortable fit and protects your head from injuries. Essentially, one that will do its job.

    Cascade, already a big player in the game of head protection, has again developed a helmet that fits these qualities. They have taken the already widely successful traits of the prior R-Series helmets and have developed a helmet that's fit for younger players and is specifically designed for their build.

    Along with being oriented to fit players of all sizes, the CPV-R takes advantage of several established methods to make it a more comfortable and practical helmet.

  • STX Cell 3 Lacrosse Arm Pads

    STX Cell 3 Lacrosse Arm Pads
    LGR Rating:

    With the Cell 2's, STX had created a bestselling arm pad that was absolutely incredible. The Cell 3 arm pads had a big name to live up to, and they raised the bar.

    Their new patent pending Geo-flex technology, along with their upgraded protection and innovative new strap system give any advanced lacrosse player the requirements he needs to be successful in every aspect of the game.

  • STX Cell 3 Lacrosse Arm Guards

    STX Cell 3 Lacrosse Arm Guards
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    The STX Cell 3 Arm Guards will perform to the highest of standards and are top of the line when you are looking for protective, lightweight and flexible arm pads.

    STX has created an arm guard to solve all issues that previous arm pads have run in to. There is nothing more irritating then having to worry about your gear in the middle of a game.

    The Cell 3 Arm Guards are a great example of an arm pad that is made for the player. Designed to look good, feel good and protect well.

  • Cascade CS-R Youth Lacrosse Helmet

    Cascade CS-R Youth Lacrosse Helmet
    LGR Rating:

    Lots of times, brands tend to not manufacture top of the line protective equipment at youth levels. This is a mistake that Cascade has made sure to avoid when creating the Cascade CS-R youth helmet.

    The Cascade CS-R is the first helmet of its kind. Never before has there been a company that has aimed to provide an elite level youth helmet for the U-12 age group. Using the feedback from the R helmet, Cascade has created a helmet full of exciting innovations.

    Gen 3 EPP Liner, Full pivoting system, FutureStar Mono Shell and unlimited customization features are just a few of the new innovations that this new youth helmet offers. Cascade has stepped up to the plate and knocked it out of the park with this one.

  • Brine RP3 Lacrosse Head

    Brine RP3 Lacrosse Head
    LGR Rating:

    The Brine RP3 lacrosse head is built for offensive players looking to score points. Rob Panell and the Brine team worked together to create a weapon that would improve offense for your team.

    The RP3 is reinforced with Brine's signature Core-Tech design in order to shed weight and control the amount of flex allowed.

    Brine has also equipped the RP3 head with a tight face and maximum stringing options. This means that you can string the Brine RP3 to fit your needs. The tight face creates the best possible ball control with an accurate and consistent channel in order to allow you to make incredible passes.

  • True Lacrosse Comp SF Lacrosse Shaft

    True Lacrosse Comp SF Lacrosse Shaft
    LGR Rating:

    After years of quietly working away in the background, manufacturing shafts for some of the biggest brands in lacrosse, True Temper have finally launched their own line.

    The Comp SF headlines the release and when you look at the features it's going to turn heads.

    With features like their exclusive "SmartPly" composite shaft design, revolutionary grip coating, extremely lightweight design and various "SmartFlex" options, it rubs shoulders with the leading shafts in the market.

  • Dr. Cool recovery wrap review

    Dr Cool ice recovery wrapsDr Cool ice recovery wraps

    Getting the opportunity to personally review the Dr. Cool Recovery wraps was a very exciting moment. Not only was I getting the chance to test a great product, I was getting a chance to finally escape the hassles of my regular icing routine.

    When I first saw the Dr. Cool recovery wrap I thought that it looked awesome. And wouldn’t you know it; I immediately had an opportunity to run a test trial when I hurt my ankle in a pickup game. Lucky me, I guess.

    Originally I did what I use to do which was grab a zip lock bag and fill it full of ice. This way, I got the exciting challenge of figuring out a way to balance the bag of ice on my ankle for as long as possible. I felt like I should be on a T.V. game show trying some impossible stunt because balancing that bag of ice was very difficult.

  • Cradlebaby lacrosse training ball review

    Cradlebaby lacrosse training ballCradlebaby lacrosse training ball

    • 2 broken windows : $400
    • 2 curtain rails : $120
    • 1 hole in the plaster : $100
    • Total: $620.00

    That’s list of things I broke at my parents’ house from errant lacrosse balls while playing inside.

    When the Cradlebaby team said they were sending one through for review, the first person I told was my mother. She just laughed, "Where were they when you were in juniors?" she quipped, no doubt reliving the hip pocket pain from my trail of destruction.

  • Warrior Revo Pro 2 Lacrosse Head - Pro gear for up and comers

    Warrior Revo Pro 2 Lacrosse Head
    LGR Rating:

    So it's summer and I'm looking to buy some new equipment for my last year playing high school lacrosse. Having played previous years as a defense man, I knew what gear would be best suited for me.

    Particularly I was concerned about the head. I needed something that was durable and not extremely hard to use, but was versatile and could perform well in any given situation. The Warrior Revo Pro 2.0 seemed to fit the bill well so I thought I’d check it out.

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