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  • Warrior Regulator 2 Lacrosse Gloves - The games most comfortable glove with next gen performance

    Warrior Regulator 2 Lacrosse Gloves
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    The Regulator 2 gloves from Warrior are one of their newest high-end offerings. It is well known that Warrior makes high-quality lacrosse gear, and you should expect that when buying their equipment. The Regulator 2’s can be found on the hands of numerous NCAA and professional lacrosse teams, and for good reason.

    Gloves will no longer be something you have to wear after you put on the Regulator 2’s. They are so comfortable, you’ll be happy to wear them any time you practice or play. The feeling on your stick is completely natural and gives you total control.

  • STX Surgeon Lacrosse Head - Score with surgical precision

    STX Surgeon Lacrosse Head
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    STX revolutionizes the game with the Surgeon lacrosse head. This head is designed for advanced players looking for an extremely quick release and pin-point accuracy. No other head offers the amount of ball control that the STX Surgeon provides.

    With a longer, contoured throat, the Surgeon provides the ability to enhance the amount of control you can retain over the ball. It provides an incredible amount of technology that is available for you at the click of a button.

    Every lacrosse player should have the opportunity to play with a head that gives them all of the tools to succeed. The Surgeon will be that head.

  • STX Professor Lacrosse Head - The head for all College players

    STX Professor 10 Lacrosse Head
    LGR Rating:

    The STX Professor is lightweight lacrosse head with a sleek streamlined design that appeals to many players. STX forward cant gives you the ultimate ball control while also improving your shot speed. Its strong, stiff frame gives you the ability to scoop the ball with ease while running down the field.

    The Professor s designed with a NCAA specs in mind and is recommended for College players only.

  • STX Cell 2 Lacrosse Gloves - The second generation Cell for your mits

    STX Cell 2 Lacrosse Gloves
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    STX has done it again with the sequel to the extremely popular Cell gloves. The Cell 2’s boast unparalleled comfort and protection. The new isoBlox technology will defend your hands from the most intense checks.

    The Cell 2’s combine unique textures and materials to give the glove a high performance look that all lacrosse players desire. Closed cell mesh on the palm provides maximum comfort and durability for even the most advanced players.

  • Maverik Metrik U Lacrosse Head - Get on board with the Metrik system

    Maverik Metrik U Lacrosse Head
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    The Maverik Metrik Lacrosse head is arguably the best head that Maverik has ever came out with. Their combination of stringing capabilities, strength and appearance make this head an appealing weapon for the lacrosse field.

    The Metrik is very similar to the STX Surgeon with its lightweight structure and reassuring durability. The Metrik has just enough flex in the sidewalls to give you enough give when ground balling. Its strong frame stays strong while checking other players which also make it a viable defensive head for the more skilled defenders.

  • SISU mouth guard review

    Say no to old style mouth guards.Say no to old style mouth guards.

    I was recently given the opportunity to test out one of SISU’s (http://www.sisuguard.com/) new mouth guards. I’d gotten word that one was on the way and literally the next day an “Aero” (http://www.sisuguard.com/aero-guard/) arrived on my doorstep.

    I’ll tell you now that I was really looking forward to reviewing a mouth guard. I have worn a mouth guard all my life in Lacrosse but I have yet to be impressed.

  • Maverik Maybach Deuce Lacrosse Gloves - High tech gloves with new age protection

    Maverik Mayback Deuce Lacrosse Gloves
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    Maverik has proved themselves once again with the creation of the Maverik Maybach Deuce lacrosse gloves. The Maybach gloves raise the bar to a whole new level of protection and comfort with many new technological advancements like nanofeel which helps reduce the amount of useless padding to lighten the weight of the gloves while still providing unbeatable protection.

    Maverik has put the control of the game in your hands. With their impressive new innovations, Maverik has created a glove that can take your game to the next level. With top notch comfort and protection, expert lacrosse players rave about the Maverik Maybach’s.

  • Gait Torque Lacrosse Head - Talk the Torque to walk the walk

    Gait Torque Lacrosse Head
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    The Gait Torque lacrosse head has withstood the test of time and is coveted by veteran players. The Torque is a powerful weapon for an offensive middie looking to dominate the playing field.

    The channeled ball stringing track allow you to seat the pocket in the middle of the head providing an accurate, quick release giving you the advantage in the offensive game.

  • Cascade CS Youth Lacrosse Helmet - Youth style with serious protection

    Cascade CS Youth Lacrosse Helmet
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    The Cascade CS youth lacrosse helmet is specifically designed for youth players who are beginning their career in lacrosse. The helmet may be designed with younger and more inexperienced, players in mind, but it still incorporates all of the industry’s top technology.

    Fit Switch technology provides an on the fly adjustment opportunity to meet the demands of any youth players head. Also the rear panel of the lacrosse helmet is capable of pivoting to contour to the movements of the players head for a more comfortable and fitting helmet.

    The Cascade CS youth helmet has incredible qualities that make the helmet a viable option to start your career off right.

  • Brine King 4 Lacrosse Gloves - Unparalleled comfort and protection

    Brine King 4 Lacrosse Gloves
    LGR Rating:

    The Brine King 4 lacrosse gloves are a perfect combination of comfort, technology and protection. Their new arch backhand and ABS caps on each fingers gives the King 4’s the ultimate ability to protect your hands from rough checks. The new King 4’s set the bar high giving the glove market a quality example of how a lacrosse glove should be.

    Playing with the King 4’s is the closest you can get to safely playing in a game with your bare hands. Brine also redesigned the palm on the King 4 to give you a better feel on the stick by using less overlapping material. The Bring King 4’s fit perfectly while giving you amazing feel when cradling, making you and your stick one.

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