Brine King 5 Lacrosse Gloves

Brine King 5 Lacrosse Gloves
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Being the newest generation in Brine's King glove line, the Bring King 5 gloves are made with the best available technology to create a highly protective and usable piece of equipment.

The gloves have taken the best features from the previous gloves in the King series, and have been updated to include a variety of features that further increase the gloves' impact resistance, ventilation, and flexibility.

These are for sure a premium pair of gloves that will dominate at any level of play.


The Brine King 5 gloves have been given several types of padding protection that have been introduced in the Brine King protective equipment line. This includes the Skylight and Arch-Tech protection methods.

The goal of both of these types of padding is to absorb as much of the impact as possible. This is going to mean the actual amount of force that goes to your hand is going to be exponentially reduced, protecting you directly from injuries.

In the game of lacrosse where you'll have to deal with a lot of hits to the hand, this trait will definitely work in your favor.


These gloves allow you to be very comfortable when wearing them. The comfort is built all throughout the glove, as opposed to others where the focus on one area.

The padding on the backhand and fingers allow the whole glove to flex in the many ways your hand can, without it feeling stiff and unnatural.

And on the palm of the glove, Ax Suede is used to make the connection between your hand and stick very natural. Basically you're going to have a very smooth transition between using your stick with and without gloves.

If you're seeking to constantly improve your game and have your stick in your hand, these are the gloves for you.


These gloves are going to give you a contoured fit for your hand.

They are designed to match your hand anatomically, so you really will have that comfortable natural feeling when putting them on. This will contribute to the easy transition from using the stick without gloves even further.


The Ax Suede palm is going to give you a comfortable familiar feel.

Similar materials have often been used on lacrosse gloves for a while, so you're going to be feel used to cradling with them. The difference that the Ax Suede is going to give you however is its thicker, heartier feeling.

Gloves with a thicker palm are often more comfortable, given that the extra material is going to soften into the shaft better.

Wear and tear

One factor that notoriously influences equipment breaking down is how well moisture is managed.

When gloves are left to sit while being drenched in water or sweat, they can get smelly and crusty, and turn into breeding grounds for bacteria. This in turn makes the whole glove construction just generally weaker.

The Brine King 5's combat this problem by being water resistant. The Ax Suede keeps the majority of moisture away from the inner glove and the Ventilator Fresh liner wicks it away, along with keeping the glove odor free. This moisture prevention system will ensure your gloves last a long time.


The Brine King 5s are a pair of high performance gloves that introduces old proven methods with new well engineered technologies to produce a pair of equipment you can easily compete in. These gloves address all main focuses that make a great pair.

From impact absorption to moisture resistance, and even to wearability, these gloves are meant for a player looking to get the most out of their gear.

Now you're really not going to have that much trouble finding the exact color style you want with these gloves, you'll be able to find a large variety of color combinations available from different retailers. Alternatively, you can customize the gloves to your exact specifications if you go to the Brine Customizer website, you're able to customize the color combinations and even add some custom embroidery to this glove, and others they offer.

Brine also back the King 5's with a 30 day guarantee.



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