Maverik M3 Lacrosse Gloves

Maverik M3 Lacrosse Gloves
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Being the 3rd addition to the Maverik Maybach family of gloves, the Maverik M3 is a premium glove that is focused on practicality. With this glove, Maverik really thought about your personal needs.

We've all been there, after a while our gear, especially the ones we are wearing close to our body start to get smelly, crusty, and just more of a bother to have to wear. Aside from our stick, our gloves are what we're going to be really dealing with the most. Even in backyard sessions of catch or wall ball, some players do wear them.

So what you're really going to want out of your gloves is to be wearable at all times. You want it to be resistant to accumulating heat, sweat, and smells over a long period of time.

The M3 gloves are able to tackle these problems with their selection of materials.


Gloves are one of the more important pieces of gear to focus on when it comes to keeping your hand safe. Your hands and wrists are a very complicated and extensive group of tissues that require very careful protection.

The padding on the gloves is made of Sharkgel, a type of padding use extensively in Maverik's Maybach line of equipment. Sharkgel is designed to turn extremely dense when impacted, but still keep its softness and flexibility when at rest.

This is essentially the perfect padding for gloves where you're going to have a lot of small impacts that you don't want to necessarily be feeling.


Comfort is a big factor when it comes to lacrosse gloves. They're one of the few articles of protective gear, in sports in general, where comfort is going to be an extra important factor. The main focus is always protection, but you still want your gloves to be as comfortable as possible.

Because of the Sharkgel padding used the gloves will be very soft on your hands. The sections of padding are arrayed so that they will flex easily with your hand.

On top of this the material used for the palms of the gloves are specifically made to keep your hands comfortable throughout an extended period of time. Inhaler Palm and Ax Suede is used to provide a cool and breathable condition, while still allowing a good grip and feel to the shaft.

The 37.5 Cocona Liner technology used on the cuffs ensures any remaining moisture is wicked away from your hand. And on the back of the gloves there is a Flowcool vent that will provide even more cooling.


These gloves utilize a traditional profile of fit so you're going to have extra room in the fingers and backhand. This is going to keep your hands secure, yet very comfortable. As well the cuffs are adjustable to your liking, based on if you want more protection or more range of motion.


As stated before the Inhaler Palm and Ax Suede allow the palms of the gloves to be cool, yet usable. You're not going to have much trouble getting a comfortable grip on the shaft with this combination.

Wear and tear

These gloves were made to be practical, and a large part of practicality is the ability to be durable and last.

A large part of keeping gloves working is not allowing a lot of bacteria and moisture to stay in them. Bacteria causes bad smells, and that combined with the moisture can break down the materials found inside the gloves. These gloves are well ventilated as therefore will definitely keep away these negative effects.

And on top of that these are a pair of well-made premium gloves. They are made to be strong, inherently in their design. The M3 gloves will last you a fair while.


The Maverik M3 gloves will undoubtedly satisfy all your wants as a player.

It is clear to see that the thought process here was to make you enjoy wearing gloves. And that's definitely a possibility here; you're not going to be as worried about your gloves staying cool, or them just being a burden.

It's said a stick is an extension of your body. These gloves are going to help you make that extension feel natural.

The gloves follow the same warranty policy as all other of Maverik's protective equipment, you get 30 days during which it can be replaced if. The gloves are also color customizable right from the manufacturer if you go to Maverik's glove customizer site. You can get any color combination you want and even change certain styles of the glove.



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