Brine King 5 Mid Lacrosse Shoulder Pads

Brine King 5 Mid Lacrosse Shoulder Pads
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The Brine King 5 Mid shoulder pads are a new pair of elite pads that have been designed to satisfy your needs of comfort while still providing great protection. These pads are all out built for performance, from the flexible padding, to their lightweight construction, and even their ability to stay dry and cool.

Anything you're going to want out of shoulder pads, you're going to find it here. These are meant for the highest levels play, and functions as such.


Going into designing these pads, Brine definitely knew what you were going to need in terms of performance.

The padding on the King 5 Mids is comprised of AeroShield Foam that is engineered to provide superior protection while also maintaining a low weight. It does this by taking away material in the center mass of each piece of padding, where it's not going to be as needed.

To go along with the AeroShield Foam, the Skylight sternum and additional spine padding provide even more protection to these areas. The sternum and spine are in particular extra important to protect given how they can be sensitive areas that are likely to be hit a lot.

Shoulder caps

The shoulder areas on these pads are specifically designed to mold around your shoulders. It's called the Arch Tech Shoulder, and they are meant to maximize protection without sacrificing mobility.

You're still going to be able to easily move your body while also taking advantage of the protection.

Typically if you're going to want as much protection in the shoulder area, then you'll be forced to go with shoulder pads with big bulky extended shoulder caps. But these pads are able to keep their sleek profile while still maintaining the same level of protection.

Chest/sternum/back protection

The areas of the chest and back are all well attended to with these pads.

It can be very dangerous to get hit with a shot in these areas. Brine makes sure with these pads that you don't need to worry about getting hurt in these places, however.

These areas are covered by Skylight padding, whose purpose is to absorb as much energy from an impact as possible. Padding that absorbs energy instead of say dispersing it, or hardening on impact is favorable in these areas, because you want as little force as possible transferred to you.

Upper arm protection

The King 5 Mids feature removable bicep guards. They are segmented to wrap around your arm, so whether you decide to wear them or not, you'll stay comfortable.

For these pads to feature a removable option is a smart move by Brine. These pads are for a more advanced upper level player, and as such they're going to know what exactly they want in terms of gear and protection options.


These shoulder pads are definitely going to meet any your comfort expectations for premium protective equipment. You're going to get padding that easily contours and moves with your body, but you're also going to be kept dry in them with the Ventilator fresh liner.


The Brine King 5 Mid shoulder pad is going to have many features that you can appreciate. These pads are made for advanced players who are seeking a good blend of protection and practicality. Enhanced padding like the Aero Shield and Skylight padding ensure this.

If you're concerned about upping your game to the next level, then these pads are for you.

These shoulder pads, like all the other brine protective equipment, have a 30 day warranty from the date of purchase.



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