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STX have introduced the "Cell X" range which is specifically targeted at box lacrosse players. The shoulder pads are one of four new items released in this range. The other three being rib pads, arm guards and bicep pads.

This range was introduced to fill a bit of a hole in the market which is specific protection for box players. Of late, there's bit a bit of activity in this space with the release of thicker and stronger box specific lacrosse shafts. If ever you've played both field and box lacrosse you'll know that the protection needs are different. For field you need to guard against the odd wild or well-placed slash. But for box you need to guard against the endless and unrelenting cross checks to all parts of your torso.


The STX Cell X shoulder pads are an enhanced version of STX's Cell 2's. The firm padding works to disperse the impact of the check/slash to a wider area and thus reducing the impact on your body over the point of contact. The front and back sections are reinforced with a hard plastic which does add a bit of weight.

Looking at the shoulder area of the Cell X's, nothing really stands out. But when you put them next to the Cell 2's you really notice where STX have enhanced the protection. Along the lateral sides of the neck line there are large pads to guard against those high slashes from behind. The shoulder caps are a single solid piece which extends all the way over and down the deltoids, whereas on the Cell 2's it's a less rigid pad. The Cell X's are supposed to have more mobility in the shoulders but it's not obvious where.

STX Cell X Lacrosse Shoulder Pads - biceps pad attachmentsSTX Cell X Lacrosse Shoulder Pads - thick velcro straps around your ribs and biceps


As with all the modern shoulder pads, these feature fully adjustable and thick velcro straps which attach easily. Interestingly, the only thing that the Cell 2's have over the Cell X's is that the tab on the end of the velcro straps are a little easier to grab.

The bicep pads feature the same hard plastic as the rest of the pads and are also removable. The only confusing thing is why they're removable, because anyone who has played box lacrosse knows that you need bicep pads. The bicep pads are also available for purchase as individual items, in case you're happy with your current shoulder pads.


To offset the extra weight from the padding, STX have used a more lightweight liner which also has the same super soft feel. The internal lining is smooth and comfortable to wear. The velcro straps don't dig in and feel stiff due to their thickness. yes, the wider straps are a real bonus.


No doubt about it, these are heavy duty shoulder pads which will protect you well without reducing your mobility or getting the way. If you're a box player, you'll love these. They only come in black and are available in medium, large and extra-large. STX have also included a 60 day warranty.



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