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Any lacrosse player who wants shoulder pads that are lightweight while maintaining their strength should look no further than the STX Shadow shoulder pads.

Using the Plus Foam technology, the Shadow shoulder pads are able to maintain their strength and protection through every cross check while also keeping you light enough to maintain your speed.

Also by using spandex sleeves and strategically placed stretch zones, these shoulder pads have increased flexibility making sure they stay out of the way.


Knowing your gear will keep you safe, no matter what the situation, can give you an edge. You won’t be hesitant to go one on one with that defender because you won’t feel the checks as he tries to get the ball.

This is why the Plus Foam technology in these pads is invaluable. It is some of the lightest and also the strongest padding for your torso.

These shoulder pads also have an incredibly low profile, keeping you narrow while you navigate the field.

Shoulder caps

Being able to tailor your gear to your needs is what every lacrosse player wants.

These pads have fully adjustable shoulder caps for that perfect fit. The upper arm pads are removable if you really want to keep your gear thin.

This gives you the choice of protection in the areas you feel you need it most.

Chest/sternum/back protection

An important element of safety for any lacrosse player is their chest and sternum.

So STX have fitted the Shadow pads with their own Plus Foam padding throughout the chest, sternum and back. This makes sure you’re covered where it counts.

Just looking at these pads you can see the absolute strength covered throughout the whole torso. The padding is dense throughout the whole piece, keeping your mind off the sting of a nasty check.

Upper arm protection

Upper arm checks can be nasty in the middle of an intense play, but the Shadow shoulder pads have incredible arm protection to take the sting out of any hit.

The padding covers most of the upper arm, and each section is adjustable to position the protection over the areas you want covered most. They also have a removable upper deltoid pad and a spandex sleeve underneath.


Comfortable shoulder pads are essential for playing at the top of your game. Thankfully these pads have spandex and stretch zones in key areas to keep you light and focussed on the game instead of your pads.


Strength, protection, and comfort are the key elements to the STX Shadow shoulder pads. Anyone who wants to perform at their best without being held back won’t be let down by these.

The padding on the STX Shadow’s is some of the strongest available and will give you the extra reinforcement you need to take the ball to goal.

These pads offer you full customization when it comes to the placing and positioning of the padding.

These pads only come in the color black.



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