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Maverik Mayback Deuce Lacrosse Shoulder Pads
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Shoulder pads that hold up in an intense game are essential to playing at your best. As a lacrosse player, you want pads that can take a hard check but at the same time are light enough to not slow you down.

The Maverik Maybach Deuce shoulder pads excel at both of these goals. With innovative 3-piece shoulder pads and also some of the most breathable material available, these pads won’t let you down.

The Maybach Deuce also has customizable options to make it fit perfectly to your body.


To give you the most airflow, the internal padding is raised in sections to minimize the touch points on the skin.

Each pad has square lines to keep the air flowing to your skin while you play. This keeps your torso cool and breathing freely while you play.

Shoulder caps

Saving your shoulders from those nasty checks was important in the design of these pads. This is why Maverik added thick shoulder caps with a hard external layer.

What is innovative about the shoulder caps on the Maybach is that instead of the shoulder pads being one complete unit they are three separate units.

This gives the pads the ability to stay form fitting while giving you more flexibility as you move.

Chest/sternum/back protection

Not every lacrosse player is the built the same, which is why the Maybach stands out for individual fit.

The shoulder pieces are adjustable giving you the option of moving the chest piece higher or lower depending on your size and comfort needs.

As you know, most other shoulder pads only give you one option for where to put your sternum and collarbone protection. That is why these are in a league of their own.

Maverik also made sure to include thicker protection along the sternum, collarbones, and spine to keep you safe.

Upper arm protection

Giving you full customization was important with these pads. This is why Maverik also included the ability to move the bicep and upper arm protection where you want it.

You can even remove the bicep and upper arm protection if you like.


You want shoulder pads so comfortable that you forget you are even wearing them. The Maybach shoulder pads are incredibly form fitting and move with you as you dodge a defender or take the game winning shot.

These pads also have DuraStretch technology that offers protection and creates more channels for airflow to keep you from overheating.


Any player who wants fully customizable gear that is also give you top of the line protection, should consider the Maverik Maybach Deuce shoulder pads.

These are some of the most form fitting and breathable shoulder pads available.

You are able to move the sternum and collarbone protection where you need them instead of being stuck with one size fits all.

You also have the option to remove the bicep and upper arm protection all together if you want even more range of motion.

These shoulder pads come in medium and large. The colors on these shoulder pads are a combination of red, white, and black.


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  • Excellent light weight pads

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    Good protection, nice look, tight fit, great movement
    Nothing to add here.
    5 stars. Very good pad. These quietly became one of the most popular pads in our area last spring (North Boston). Lacrosse Unlimited were recommending these and they suggested them to me when I was looking to replace my older Warrior pads due to size. The Maybach is a much better bad as it feels more like a shoulder pad. I play attack and this pad is the best I have used as a middle school player.
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