Warrior Regulator Lacrosse Arm Guards

Warrior Regulator Lacrosse Arm Guards
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When it comes to arm guards, you want to get the right combination of protection and comfort.

It's very likely that no matter where you're playing on the field, if you have the ball, you're going to get slashed. It's also likely that a mismatched pair of arm guards will hinder your ability to carry the ball down the field.

So really you want a pair of arm guards that takes care of all your needs, they absolutely need to be multi-purpose. The Warrior Regulator arm guards take care of these needs completely.

The well segmented pads on the guards gives you a large area of protective coverage, without compromising flexibility. There aren't any large stiff sections of padding that're going to feel clunky; it's going to be an even fluid feel. You'll be both comfortable and protected in these arm guards.


Arm pads can definitely be one of the more annoying pieces of lacrosse equipment in terms of comfort. Aside from actually feeling unnatural on your arms, they can often have trouble with accumulating heat and sweat, and also sliding around from where they're supposed to be.

The Warrior Regulator's don't have these problems.

To start off the initial design and placement of the padding on these arm guards make for a very comfortable innate feel, you'll be able to contort and move just as you would without them on.

To address the sweat and heat, Warrior used their Wartech A/C lining to make the gear cool even under undesirable conditions.

Just as well to solve the sliding which all of us often have to deal with, the Regulator guards use a no-slip gel print on the inside lining to ensure that they stay where they are placed.


The Regulator arm guards feature IMPAX molded foam technology. This molded foam is found in a variety of sporting equipment, and has been proven time and time again to offer reliable protection.

Now this material does offer great protection as is, but what really makes the padding useful is the way the foam is arrayed over the whole guard. The padding is contoured almost all around your arm, making it more effective at protecting all areas without sacrificing your range of motion.


The Regulator arm guards are going to give you a standard good fit that will keep their comfort throughout the whole time you're wearing them.

The sectioned padding ensures that the whole pad is wrapping your hand well enough. And to add to this the added grip is going to make sure that the pads stay where you place them on your arms.

Overall, the fit is going to be very noticeably pleasant; you're not going to have to deal with any of the regular issues experienced with some other pads out there.


The Warrior Regulator arm guards are a practical pair of protective equipment that will absolutely go above and beyond their purpose. This is really no-nonsense gear designed to protect well. You're going to be satisfied wearing these.

These arm guards follow suit with the rest of Warrior's protective equipment warranty policy. You're guaranteed a replacement 30 days from the original purchase date.



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