Warrior Evo Lacrosse Arm Guards

Warrior Evo Lacrosse Arm Guards
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Warrior is launching an entirely new line of gear, and from first impressions it looks like it delivers. Taking the name from Warrior's best-selling head, the Evo, this new line is meant to offer protection to the game's more advanced players. Arm protection is invaluable and it's addressed perfectly with the Warrior Evo Arm Guard.

When trigger-happy defensemen are beating you down with continuous slap checks, you want an arm guard you can depend on. Leaving games with arms covered in bruises is rarely fun, save for the occasional battle scars story. Now you can have protection that gives you the peace of mind to dodge and shoot without worrying about hard checks.

From looking at the Evo line you can tell that Warrior is aiming to reach a market of elite players. They packed as much protection as possible into an arm guard while still giving it a slim profile and a fantastic look.


Starting at the top of the arm, you're introduced to Warrior's new D30 Aero impact foam. The new foam provides better slash protection while keeping the overall profile of the guard slim. There are plenty of players willing to sacrifice protection for movement, but the unbeatable protection and flexibility of this arm guard may convince you to invest more in protection.

Arm guards feature external elbow caps to maximize protection of the elbow and surrounding nerves. Warrior's new guards are no exception and have the hard shell on the outside. If you've ever been checked in the elbow and struck a large nerve, you'll be forever thankful for this extra padding in the elbow.

The forearm is protected with the same padding as the bicep area, and appears to be working in unison with the top padding as well. This is achieved by the Cage FLX system which is implemented for a better fit and better flex along the arm.


An elite arm guard has to be a culmination of all the aspects you want. Not only do you want to be protected, you want to be comfortable. If you're uncomfortable, you'll be distracted and put off of your game.

The Warrior Evo utilizes a full length arm sleeve. Upon first glance, you might wonder how well a solid arm sleeve will ventilate. Warrior has answered this with their exclusive Vented Protective System. This system allows holes to perforate in the materials on the arm guard, providing plenty of airflow throughout.

Another benefit of the Evo is the light weight. Every system incorporated in this arm guard revolves around the focus of keeping the padding light, cool, and flexible. From the D30 foam to the Vented Protective System, it is all designed to make sure your game isn't being weighed down.


On the top and bottom of these Warrior arm guards, you'll find Velcro straps. These will lock down the arm guards to the exact spot you want them on your arm.

During the game when you sweat, arm guards tend to slide down your arm, which is irritating and potentially dangerous. This is taken care of via a no-slip gel print located inside the bicep and tricep areas of the padding.

When your arms move, the Warrior Evo will move with them. This highlights the ability of the Cage FLX system to keep guard flexible and contoured to your body. Obviously with larger padding, your movement can be restricted, but it's not extremely noticeable thanks to the work Warrior has put in to make this arm guard so outstanding.


With their new Evo line, Warrior aimed to reach out to the elite player and push their potential by giving them the gear to do so. Truly, they nailed it. Almost every technology implemented in the Warrior Evo arm guard is brand new, made specifically to reach a new level of lacrosse protection.

These arm guards protect your arms perfectly, are comfortable to wear, and won't disappoint in their build quality.

The Warrior Evo arm guards are offered in white, black, and gray, but are also fully customizable. This feature isn't common with arm guards and is great to have available. As with all their protective gear, Warrior offers a 30 day warranty.



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