Gait Intrepid Box Lacrosse Kidney Pads

Gait Intrepid Box Lacrosse Kidney Pads
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If you're looking for proven, efficient padding that will undoubtedly keep you safe, then the Gait Intrepid Box Lacrosse Kidney Pads are a perfect match for you.

In the game of box lacrosse, it is essential to find and use protective equipment that will work. If you don't, you can easily end up getting very hurt, especially when concerning a sensitive area like the kidneys.

Gait is a lacrosse company that has a lot of experience in the game of lacrosse, and is well respected as an established brand. Their box lacrosse protective equipment is definitely some of the best gear out there. These Intrepid pads are a good representation of that. You're going to find that they do their job very well.


The Intrepid Box Lacrosse Kidney pads are comprised of several sections of hard plastic that surround your midsection. The hard padding is optimal for this area of protection because it will ensure a minimal amount of force is being transferred to your body. Any bruising or internal damage will most likely be negated.

Now it's important to understand exactly where the padding is placed on these pads. There are 5 main sections of the padding that wrap around your midsection.

The side parts extend from either side of your rectus abdominal section to just the end width of your transverse abs. Then in the back there are three more plates, with a large taller one being in the middle to cover your spine.

All the sections are going to be large enough to provide enough protection to the areas they're supposed to.


These pads are highly adjustable to your size and liking. There are straps to control how tight they sit on your midsection, and how far they ride up on your torso.

The sections wrap around the player very well, although it is worth reiterating that they're made of large hard plastic plates. They'll do the job in providing a proper fit, but they aren't going to be the pads that are known for their anatomical design.

Finding the proper size and adjusting the straps to your desired preference are going to be your best bet for getting the best fit.


To go with each hard plastic plate, each section of the padding features a foam backing that'll give you a fair level of comfort. This type of foam is used in several other sporting applications, so it's going to provide you a practical comfortable feel.

To go along with this there are vents located all throughout the padding, so you're going to get good ventilation to go along with this.


Overall these are going to be a great pair of pads to own. They will do their job completely, and you're going to just be able to put them on without worrying about getting hurt.

The Gait lacrosse company has proven themselves before, and they have matched their quality again with this piece of equipment.

Now these aren't going to be the newest, most advanced big thing, but they are a working pair of pads. So if you're concerned about your midsection while playing box lacrosse, then they are going to do what you want.

As tough as these pads are, there's always a chance with any piece of gear that it might break down, you won't need to worry about that though if it happens within 60 days. That is the warranty for all protective equipment and gloves from Gait.



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