Warrior Burn Pro Diamond Lacrosse Shaft

Warrior Burn Pro Diamond Lacrosse Shaft
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The Warrior Burn Pro Diamond shaft is Warrior's lightest shaft to date. The Burn Pro Diamond is specifically built to increase the amount of speed you can attain while running down the field dodging and switching hands with maximum efficiency.

The Burn Pro shaft is built with Warriors lightest and legendary "Krypto" alloy which assures players an extremely light handle that delivers with a quick release.

This shaft features a diamond grip texture that supports play in all types of weather conditions. Rain or shine, your hands will feel as good as ever on the Warrior Burn Pro Diamond.

Material and Weight

The Warrior Burn Pro features Warriors Krypto Pro alloy which is used in the Warrior Kryptolite shafts, making this shaft one of the lightest shafts on the market. This is a very appealing aspect to many lacrosse players.

You will be able to run freely with this light handle and make it feel like it's an extension of your own body.


The Warrior Burn Pro Diamond shaft features a standard 8 sided shape with regularly concave edges so that your hands feel comfortable on the shaft. You want to feel like you have a firm easy grip on your shaft, and that's exactly what the Burn Pro Diamond feels like.

There is nothing worse than picking up a shaft and not being able to properly get a feel for the shape of it.


The shaft features a Diamond grip that provides a slightly textured feel that eliminates the need for tape. The grip also reduces the variability of feel when playing in wetter conditions.

This shaft is perfect if you play in varying weather and want a consistent, smooth and powerful shaft. Rain or shine, you will feel one with this handle.

Wear and Tear

The wear and tear of a shaft should be something that influences your next purchase. Because hey, lacrosse equipment is not cheap!

The Warrior Burn Pro Diamond shaft is an incredibly tough shaft that will outlast most others. The graphics on the shaft are tough and subtle and will not lose their appeal after your first day of practice like most shafts do.


If you are looking for a shaft that has great feel and an excellent strength to weight ratio, look no further than the Warrior Burn Pro Diamond shaft. The reliability and utility of this handle is un-rivaled in the lacrosse world.

The weight of the Burn Pro Diamond is hard to find anywhere else in the market today. No matter how big you are, this shaft will feel like a feather in your hands. The grip will help you when playing in harsh weather conditions, without having to tape up a silly pattern on your stick.

I recommend this shaft for players at all experience levels. No matter how good your skills are at playing lacrosse, the Warrior Burn Pro Diamond will help you find your true peak of skill. If you're looking to achieve the most out of your game, look no further.

It comes in black, forest green, neon green, orange, red, royal blue and silver and is protected under a 30 day warranty from Warrior.



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