Warrior Rabil 99 Diamond Lacrosse Shaft

Warrior Rabil 99 Diamond Lacrosse Shaft
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Paul Rabil is one of the most renowned lacrosse player of all time. He is especially noted for his ability to score goals on the run. He had also previously held the record for the highest shot speed out of anyone on the face of the planet.

The Warrior Rabil 99 diamond shaft was designed by Warrior's Pro Paul Rabil and constructed from the highest grade European alloy in order for the best strength to weight ratio possible. This has created an incredibly strong shaft while still being light for its competition.

This shaft was born for creating havoc for opponents in the middle of the field. The strength and light weight profile of the shaft will help you rip from the outside. Additionally the diamond grip helps you grip the shaft while you run down the field through checks the defenders impose.

Material and Weight

The Rabil 99 shaft is made of premium European alloy specifically for an unparalleled strength to weight ratio.

Rabil wanted a shaft that fit his playstyle which is an on the move, grip and rip type attitude. It is light, and it is strong; two things that make this a valuable ally on the lacrosse field.


The shape of the Rabil 99 is an 8 sided traditional shaft that responds to the way you move your hands. It is important that the shaft feel comfortable in your hands in order for you to play to your maximum potential. And that is exactly what the Rabil 99 is; comfortable.


The grip on the Rabil 99 is a diamond grip and is potentially the most important and beneficial aspect of this shaft. Rabil wanted a grip that would provide him the ability to be on the move and still shoot bullets past the goalie.

With this Diamond pro grip, you have no need to tape your stick up to help your hands shoot the ball. The sandy texture from the shaft is perfect traction for your gloves to pull down hard and shoot the ball with incredible velocity.

From the wise words of sir mixalot, I like the larger butt end on the Rabil 99 in order to be able to grip and rip from anywhere on the field.

Wear and Tear

The high grade European alloy not only gives this shaft an incredible strength to weight ratio, but it also is very durable and can withstand just about any check a defender throws at you. There is nothing worse than having to run off the field with a broken stick.


The Rabil 99 can be an incredible asset to your game, especially if you are a run and gun type midfielder. Paul Rabil did a very good job of designing a shaft that addresses all aspects of a good shaft.

The Diamond Pro grip is one of the most unique grips that provides a subtle touch that makes your shot easier to execute.

It is clear to me that Paul Rabil and others did a great job of paying attention to the little things that make a shaft work. That is why the Rabil 99 Diamond shaft is an incredible weapon to bring into battle with you.

The Warrior Rabil 99 comes in Silver and Black and is covered by Warriors 30 day return policy.



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