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The STX Stallion offers advanced technology that helps you take your game to the next level. Kyle Harrison and his team at STX have developed a strong but lightweight lacrosse head designed to maintain its shape for the all-around midfielder.

Incorporating C-channel technology, the Stallion can bend with faceoff capabilities while maintaining low levels of stress on the head. This helps improve all aspects of your game, keeping your gameplay as good as your lacrosse head. This head is only NFHS compliant.


The STX Stallion is designed with ground balls in mind. It has a thin rounded scoop that helps you get under the ground ball with ease. The scoop of the head is very forgiving due to its wide face towards the top of the head. 

STX also angles the scoop in order to make it easier for you to scoop through and maintain possession through all of the defensive checks. 


The bottom rails of the Stallion are designed specifically for creating a high pocket. If you don’t have this type of playing style have nothing to worry about because the Stallion has 15 different stringing holes welcoming a variety of different stringing options.

If you do like to play with a high pocket, the STX Stallion is the perfect head. The Stallion’s design for a high pocket will allow you to achieve a quick release while maintaining excellent ball control throughout the game. STX also reinforced the Stallion’s sidewalls in order to allow the head to maintain its shape when you’re going for groundballs, or ripping off a shot from the outside.


The STX Stallion boasts a good amount of pinch while still effectively giving advanced level players enough room to catch feeds from your teammates. The pinch on the Stallion gives high school players a good opportunity to develop a pocket that has lots of ball control. Although this head may not be optimal for beginner level players because of its pinch, the width of the head still complies with the rules of the NFHS.


If you like a stiff head, then the STX Stallion is for you. The sidewalls of the head meet at the neck making for an unbreakable, firm feel on your shaft. The Stallion has 4 holes at the neck for finishing off your string job anyway that you feel compliments your pocket.

Warp factor

Everyone that has played the game of Lacrosse has dealt with heads warping and knows it cannot be avoided. But, the STX Stallion is the closest any company has come to creating a head that completely eliminates the warp factor. Through many tests STX has pitted against the Stallion, the head has come out on top. This lacrosse head has the capability of being used as your face-off head, while still staying legal for the whole season.

Shaft fit

The last thing you want as a player is a head that is a loose fit on your shaft. The STX Stallion may take some force to get on the shaft, but once you have gotten it on, it will stay on for good. The head won’t rattle against the shaft when you move it around and you will not need tape to help keep it on. The Stallion gives you assurance of control throughout all of your passing, shooting and cradling motions.


With its design for high pocket placement, and its strong rounded scoop, the Stallion is built for the run and gun midfielders. This head caters towards players that generally have two hands on the stick when cradling allowing for players to achieve a quick release when making the extra necessary pass. The head’s stiffness allows for rough clamps at the faceoff or even in scrappy ground ball situations. 

As an Attackman, the Stallion may not cater towards your specifications. With a bottom rail designed for high pockets, one handed cradling can be more difficult and result in less ball control. But if you are looking for a head that will withstand any test of durability while still shooting, passing and scooping as good as new, the STX Stallion is the head for you. 


The STX Stallion is one of the most advanced heads in the game right now. While it may not be adequate for Attackman, the Stallion is a must for midfielders with the mindset to ground ball like a champion. The Stallions reinforced shape has incredible durability that will withstand any ground ball situation. The design for a high pocket also gives midfielders the ability to achieve a quick release while shooting and or passing. As a midfielder, I couldn’t think of a better Lacrosse head to have.



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