Brine STR Lacrosse Helmet

Brine STR Lacrosse Helmet
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If you’re just starting out at lacrosse, the Brine STR lacrosse helmet will cover all of your bases. Using the traditional look of their top of the line helmets, they created this option for any player who wants a great starting helmet.

Using a strong memory foam comfort liner, adjustable sizing, and strength throughout the whole piece, the Brine STR lacrosse helmet makes a great choice.

Any player who wants a comfortable helmet while also exceeding safety expectations won’t be disappointed with the STR.

This helmet also has almost unlimited color combination options to make a helmet that truly fits you.


One of the best features of the Brine STR helmet is the fact that the liner is comprised of Tru-Fit Memory Foam. This padding fits to the individual size of your head, giving you maximum protection by covering every area.

Concussions are something every lacrosse player worries about, and this helmet has you covered from front to back.

The STR also meets NOCSAE standards.


For any player who wants to proudly state their team’s colors, this helmet has 15 different color options for the shell, visor, and chin pieces.


A helmet’s comfort is a huge deciding factor when it comes to choosing the right gear as a player.

Padding comfort is also a huge priority for any lacrosse player, and the Tru-Fit Memory foam doesn’t disappoint. It molds perfectly and absorbs sweat keeping you dry.


The chrome facemask is the only option for this helmet, but it is a solid piece for any beginner.

Fit and Sizing

Adjusting your helmet is essential to creating the comfort you want while you play. Any helmet you can adjust quickly is great for keeping you in the game.

The Brine STR has the fully adjustable OC-LOC Fit System allowing you to tighten or loosen the fit easily. This helmet also has an adjustable chinstrap, giving you full control of the comfort of the helmet.

The two sizing options for this helmet are XS/S and M/L, giving you a wide range of sizing options.


The strongest aspect of this helmet is the easily adjustable sizing. The last thing you want is your helmet keeping you out of the game longer than needed.

Many players just want the basics covered for their gear, and the Brine STR is a great all-around helmet.

This helmet has hundreds of color combinations between the visor, chin, and shell color options.

Giving you full comfort, control, and sizing options is important for many players when it comes to their gear.

This helmet comes in XS/SM and M/L.

For the XS/SM size, the circumference is: 20 ½" – 22 ¼"

For the M/L size, the circumference is: 22 ¼" – 23 ½"


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