Cascade CS-R Youth Lacrosse Helmet

Cascade CS-R Youth Lacrosse Helmet
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Lots of times, brands tend to not manufacture top of the line protective equipment at youth levels. This is a mistake that Cascade has made sure to avoid when creating the Cascade CS-R youth helmet.

The Cascade CS-R is the first helmet of its kind. Never before has there been a company that has aimed to provide an elite level youth helmet for the U-12 age group. Using the feedback from the R helmet, Cascade has created a helmet full of exciting innovations.

Gen 3 EPP Liner, Full pivoting system, FutureStar Mono Shell and unlimited customization features are just a few of the new innovations that this new youth helmet offers. Cascade has stepped up to the plate and knocked it out of the park with this one.


The padding used in the Cascade CS-R youth helmet is the same as the one used in the Cascade R adult helmet. This pliable material is very absorbent and protective of all blows to the head that any U-12 lacrosse player will sustain.

The helmet is also engineered with youth collisions in mind using the Gen 3 EPP liner system. This liner not only protects children from injury, but also makes the helmet feel more comfortable on their head.


The Cascade CS-R youth helmet has a FutureStar Mono shell, meaning that the helmet is constructed of one piece. This helps make the frame of the helmet more rigid and protective, which helps with front on collisions with other helmets.

You can be sure that the FutureStar Mono shell will hold up against any opposing collision with any other helmet on the market.


When I was younger, I always hated strapping on a big plastic box on my head. It was uncomfortable and reduced my ability to see the field. However, these problems are solved with the Cascade CS-R.

The CS-R has a 3 bar designed face mask that reduces the overall weight of the helmet, while also improving vision. The new and improved facemask, combined with the Gen 3 EPP liner prove to be useful technological improvements to any other youth helmet on the market.

(I was going to say something really useful, funny and cool here but I just can't remember, I'll come back)


As I stated above, the Cascade CS-R's 3 bar design improves the vision of your young lax-star while also reducing the weight of the helmet.

In your youth days, sometimes your body doesn't always want to put up with an extra 5 lbs. on top of your head. During these days, your neck and head can become aggravated, making it very hard to focus on Lacrosse.

The Cascade CS-R is lighter and more comfortable and will prove that your child can wear a helmet to protect himself from injury, and be comfortable at the same time.

Fit and Sizing

The anatomy of the Cascade CS-R is designed to fit all players ages 12 and below. The full pivot system on the rear third of the liner can ensure a safe and secure fit to your child's head.


5 different colors for the "shell and chin", 7 different colors for the "chin strap" and 15 for the "visor" can make for one unique looking helmet.


The Cascade CS-R youth helmet is simply the first helmet that considers all aspects of being a youth lacrosse player.

All of the technology in the helmet is designed to fit young lacrosse player's needs including most importantly protection and comfort.

The helmet is lined with Cascades most up-to-date Gen 3 padding to help protect your child from head on collisions. While the sides of the helmet are lined with memory foam to prove as equally protective in lateral collisions. This single shell helmet is also available in various colors in order to attribute to your teams style.

All cascade helmets come with a 1 year unconditional warranty.



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