Warrior T2 Lacrosse Helmet

Warrior T2 Lacrosse Helmet
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When it comes to gear, you know an uncomfortable helmet can be the worst. Some of them are too bulky, too heavy, or cover up too much of your vision.

Warrior made sure to provide safety, lightweight and open visibility with their TII helmet. At a stunning 2 lbs, it is one of the lightest helmets in the industry.

As you know, speed is a huge component of your game so keeping the weight on your gear low can make you even faster. There’s a reason that both Princeton and Duke both wear this helmet.


Along with the shell, you know that the padding can make or break your choice in a helmet. The last thing you want is a helmet that is uncomfortable and sweaty.

Using their absorbable EVA-padded liner, the safety and breathability is top notch throughout this entire helmet.

Customization of the padding is important to any player. There are also two removable ear pads on the side to provide different options of comfort.

This helmet meets all NOCSAE standards.


Keeping breathability at the forefront, the Warrior TII has many large vents all throughout the shell. This, combined with their sweat absorbing pads, keeps this helmet feeling good from start to finish.

Warrior have opted for a unique design and combined both the shell and the visor into one continuous piece to create more strength throughout the helmet..

This helmet is one of the lightest helmets possible at just 2 lbs. giving you the ability to move your head without much neck strain as you play.


Comfort is a huge priority for any lacrosse player. Along with being one of the lightest helmets available, this helmet also gives you the ability to adjust the inner padding so you can make it as comfortable as possible.


The Warrior TII uses a chrome facemask that has outstanding sight lines helping you keep your eye on the ball at all times.

Keeping the view clear and unobstructed, Warrior was able to make the viewing space even wider, making sure you don’t miss any of the action.

The facemask features a five-point attachment with three points dedicated to quick removal if necessary.

Fit and sizing

The Warrior TII gives you the ability to adjust the ear padding to make it fit just the way you like.

The internal pads are all fully adjustable and also come with three sizes so you can create that truly customized feel.

This helmet is a one size fits most.


If you are looking to upgrade your heavy thick helmet for one that is light and breathable, make sure to check out the Warrior TII.

This helmet is a stunning 2 lbs., which is insanely light. This will give you the ability to move your head with less strain so you’ll see that oncoming defender even faster.

Warrior also used their EVA-padded lining to keep your head safe and also free of sweat so you can stay focused on the game.

The sizing is one size fits most and comes with a 1 year limited manufacturers warranty.



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