Cascade CS Youth Lacrosse Helmet

Cascade CS Youth Lacrosse Helmet
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The Cascade CS youth lacrosse helmet is specifically designed for youth players who are beginning their career in lacrosse. The helmet may be designed with younger and more inexperienced, players in mind, but it still incorporates all of the industry’s top technology.

Fit Switch technology provides an on the fly adjustment opportunity to meet the demands of any youth players head. Also the rear panel of the lacrosse helmet is capable of pivoting to contour to the movements of the players head for a more comfortable and fitting helmet.

The Cascade CS youth helmet has incredible qualities that make the helmet a viable option to start your career off right.


The padding inside the helmet is Cascade’s premier Gen3EPP liner technology. The padding will support all youth level play with the best of protection. The Gen3 inner padding in the helmet will withstand any collision in all youth lacrosse games. You will have no problem relying on the protection, reliability and durability of your Cascade CS helmet to do its job protecting your head during rough gameplay on the field.

The Cascade CS lacrosse helmet meets all NOCSAE standards.


The ultralight shell is a single piece shell, chin and visor to provide a lighter more fitting helmet to reduce fatigue and increase performance. Along with the performance factors of the CS youth helmet, the customization of the helmet is exceptional.

With 6 different shell colors and 15 different visor skins, you have an incredible amount of options to choose from.


The full-pivot system of the Cascade CS youth helmet is anatomically designed to fit any lacrosse superstar in training. The rear third of the liner pivots to grasp the head and ensure a tight comfortable fit for all youth players.

With its single shell design, your head will feel like it fits perfectly in the helmet and you will be protected and on your way to a long career in lacrosse.

Fit and Sizing

The CS youth lacrosse helmet is a one size fits all, adjustable helmet designed specifically to contour to the younger lacrosse players head. With its Fit Switch technology, the helmet can be easily manipulated to fit the width of the players head so that your helmet can grow as you do.

The pivot system located in the rear third of the lacrosse helmet is also designed to fit to your head and move along with the movements of your head.


The facemask of the comes in black only.


The CS youth lacrosse helmet from Cascade will help you take your game to the next level. The protection it provides for the younger players is exceptional and its one size fits most technology is a feature that exceeds expectations. The lightweight single pieced shell provides a perfect fit for any player giving you the opportunity to feel less fatigued and perform at your very best when it counts.

You will be protected with superior technology without sacrificing the comfort that a quality helmet should provide. This will give you the confidence to scoop through the ground ball and take it to the opponents goal without worrying about physical contact.



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