Cascade R Lacrosse Helmet

Cascade R Lacrosse Helmet
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The Cascade R lacrosse helmet is in a league of its own. Using some of the most advanced technology, this helmet combines strength, power, and safety into one powerful tool at your disposal.

Finding a helmet that doesn’t sacrifice safety for lighter weight is hard to find, but this helmet won’t let you down. It sets a new standard for both safety and strength.

This helmet also gives you the ability to adjust on the fly so you can quickly adjust and get back to playing.


Direct impact to the head is a concern for all lacrosse players. It’s important for players to keep their heads safe while they play. The Cascade R has the ground-breaking “SevenTechnology” that spreads out the impact from a direct hit.

When hit, the padding compresses and then spreads the energy out through the helmet instead of to your head. After impact, the foam resets to its original shape instead of staying compressed like many of the helmets out there.

The Cascade R also uses PoronXRD padding that is some of the lightest padding available, making sure it’s the last thing to weigh you down.


Being able to adjust on the fly is important when it comes to staying in the game. The last thing you want to deal with as a player is having to take time off the field because of your gear.

The Cascade R utilizes the HardTail SPRfit system along with custom jaw pad allows for easy micro adjustments, giving you full control over your helmet.

The shell is the SuperMono R that is a one-piece shell and visor. This helps absorb frontal impacts since it disperses the energy throughout the helmet.


Cascade also moved the balance point closer to the center of the head for a lighter feeling throughout the helmet. This takes the weight off the front of your mask.


In a helmet, it is essential that the mask doesn’t block your view because missing even a second of the game can be disastrous. This helmet uses the R-Series Mask that has better sight lines than previous series.

It also uses the R-Series chin that provides rigidity along the jaw and by the ear.

Fit and Sizing

This is one of the most comfortable helmets available.

Using a rear adjustable fitting slider in the back of the helmet, and also three customizable jaw pads, it can fit to any size or shape you desire.


This helmet is nothing short of one of the best on the market. Its top of the line safety and comfort can’t be beat.

This helmet gives you the ability to make adjustments in any area you need as quickly as possible.

The safety of your head should be one of your top priorities as a lacrosse player, and one bad injury is simply one too many.

This helmet is one size fits most, with full customizable options to giving you the fit you need.



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